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Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I posted my artwork. Today it’s a new OC I made for Fairy Tail! I used a base by x4Selfy, which my amazing friend LinaXxXHayabusa then edited into a better base for me. The owl I redrew from a game… I think it’s from a game by Rinmaru but I actually don’t remember, so if someone finds it online somewhere, let me know so I can credit them properly. Everything else is all me though.
I created this character for an RP with my friend, LinaXxXHayabusa

I want to try to draw multiple outfits for her, since in Fairy Tail, a lot of characters have more than 1 set of clothing (IT'S A MIRACLE). But it will be slow since I don't draw a lot.
I am also thinking about writing a fanfic with her as one of the main characters, so who knows, if that ever happens I'll be sure to post it here.

Okay, so! Here is info on this character.

Basic Information:

Name: Astra Crosswise

Nickname: Nova (A star that unexpectedly becomes very bright and then returns to its normal brightness over a period of months or years. This is related to the magic she uses, and also slightly to the type of person she is and becomes (and then turns back to) during the story I want to write).

Alias: -

Age: 19

Birthday: June 30th

Gender: Female

Magic Related Info:

Magic Type: Transfiguration Magic. It’s a type of eye magic. With this type of magic, Astra is able to ‘suck’ the elemental magic attacks from her enemy up through her eyes. She wears a blindfold that helps recharge her magic power. The blindfold ‘sucks’ the enemy’s magic up (only if it’s elemental magic, such as fire) and ‘filters’ the magic power in such a way it’s not harmful to her eyes, and lets her body copy the element temporarily. Her eyes change color according to the element she copies (Red for fire - blue for water - grey for ice - green for wind - yellow for lightning - brown for earth - pink for poison – white for snow), while her original eye color is purple. Once she takes over someone’s magical element, she often takes off her blindfold. First, one eye will change color, but once she uses more power, both her eyes will change color. Based on the color and element, she will be able to fight using said element. However, since she isn't specialized in any of the elements of creation magic, she isn't as strong as people who are specialized in said element.

She can, however, use two elements (one in either eye). She taught herself this during the training days before the Grand Magic Games. The magic she uses can be used to her advantage and disadvantage. When using a certain element, she will be able to defend herself better against that element, but will be weaker against others.

This technique takes up a lot of magic power, especially when switching between elements, or using two elements at the same time. Once she (nearly) runs out of magic, she will become blind until her magic is restored/recharged. When she recharges, she needs her blindfold to cover her eyes, as the blindfold helps recharge her faster.

Astra is able to absorb someone’s magical element through her eyes without her blindfold, but this is dangerous for her eyes. Raw magical power can permanently damage her eyes if done wrong, so she never takes off the blindfold while preparing for battle.

Astra had tried to learn “Star Magic” but only managed to learn two special attacks, and quit soon after that.

Occupation: Wizard and occasional modeling for the Sorcerers Weekly because she likes the attention.

Guild: Fairy Tail

Weaknesses: Non elemental magic users, long range attacks (from non-elemental magic users), physical weapons, really loud noises, blind when she uses too much magic.

Strengths: Good hearing and somewhat good sense of smell, able to control elements for a good amount of time (until her magic runs low/out), trained in physical combat/material arts to defend herself when facing someone who does not use elemental magic, physical beauty (not truly a ‘strength’ but she considers it her greatest strength/power, and it saved her butt a few times).

Special attacks:

Each of the special attacks listed can only be used when copying the needed element. (Think of it like this: Creation magic users, and dragon slayers, have their own special attacks, such as “Water Nebula” from Juvia, or “Fire Dragon’s Roar” from Natsu. Astra has one special attack per element, which are listed below, and 2 special attacks (star magic) that are not element related.)

Supernova (exploding star that produces an extremely bright light): This is Astra’s signature move, and requires no magic element from others. It is “Star Magic”, as she likes to call it. When using Supernova, the user is cloaked in a bright light and the ground beneath them will start shaking. Many orbs of light will appear in the air in the area the caster is standing, and then will all come down at once to attack the enemy. This spell can cause the destruction of cities or islands. It’s similar to Urano Metria, but costs much more magic power and can put the user in a coma or deep sleep for days. Because of this, Makarov has forbidden Astra to use it. Eyes are purple.

Altair(Altair is a star): This is another of Astra’s “Star Magic” attacks, and uses no elemental magic. A powerful magic attack that summons a large, purple magic circle beneath the caster’s feet. Small balls of light will appear around the enemy, which will turn into magic circles. These magic circles trap them, preventing them from escaping, while a bright light rises from the large magic circle beneath the caster’s feet. Once the light is strong enough, a large beam of light will fire into the sky. The light will hit a star, and that star will fall down at great speed towards the magic circles that trapped the enemy. The star will impact the earth with great force, often leaving a large crater in the ground. Eyes are purple.

Solar Nebula (Nebula is a large cloud of dust and gas that exists in outer space): Uses Lightning magic. The person creates four round shields. These shields will surround the user and charge themselves with sparkling energy. After the shield are ‘charged’ they will release lightning that electrocutes those the user wishes harmed. After the attack, the places hit by the lightning will have dust clouds for a while. Eyes are yellow.

Meteor Dust: Uses Snow magic. When using this attack, the user will create snowflakes similar to ‘dust’ to distract the enemy so the user is given a chance to attack or get away. The snowflakes will turn into a small snowstorm when using more magic power, temporarily blinding or trapping the enemy. Most often used as a distraction to get away from the enemy. Eyes are white.

Lodestar (the north star): Uses Water magic. This usually works only near a source of water (e.g. river, ocean, lake). The user summons a giant wave that crashes onto the enemy. The user can surf on this wave if wanted. Eyes are blue.

Asteroid Belt (Asteroid is a mass of rock that moves around in space. Most asteroids are found between the planets Jupiter and Mars, a region of space known as the ‘asteroid belt’): Uses ground magic. This is an attack where the user creates a bunch of sharp rocks that surround the user and then attack the enemies around them. Eyes are brown.

Orion Shot (Orion is a constellation and a Greek God, and hunter): Uses Poison magic. The finds an object such as a stick, and uses their poison magic to turn it into a poisonous bow. Another stick will be used as an arrow, filled with poison. The user then fires the arrow, and once it hits its mark, poisons the enemy. This poison can paralyze an enemy for several hours, and if it’s too strong, even stop their organs from working, causing the enemy’s lungs to stop working. The user usually creates a diversion with sand or dust first to make sure they can hit their mark easily/when they’re not expecting it. Eyes are pink.

Phoenix Atria (Atria is a bright star, while Phoenix is not only a mythical creature but also a constellation): Uses fire magic. The user’s body erupts in flames, which do not harm them or their body. The user can now breath fire or create fire balls in their hands at will. When using enough magic and breathing enough fire, the user can create a magical bird entirely made out of flames that attacks the enemy. The user is able to create as many of these birds as they wish, as long as they have enough magic power to create them. Eyes are red.

Andromeda (a Galaxy and constellation. Also a plant “Andromeda Polifolia” of which one of its subspecies is called “Blue Ice”): Uses Ice magic. Andromeda is a powerful ice attack where the user creates chains made of ice, that chain the enemy down. When the enemy is chained, the user will create large icicles that will attack and pierce the chained enemy. The icicles will then explode into little pieces, that circle around, together with blood drops from the enemy, for a while. This creates a sight similar to the constellation, Andromeda, (which has two or more colors, too) before everything falls to the ground. Eyes are grey.

Mercury Altair (Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun, while Altair is the brightest star in the Aquila constellation): Uses Wind magic. The user spins around a few times and releases wind magic. This creates a large tornado that moves towards the enemy, and , if strong enough, sucks them into the vortex and spins them around, and throws them away. The user can stop spinning after 5 times. The tornado stops and fades away after a couple of minutes. Eyes are green.

Unison Raid: Astra is able to perform a Unison Raid with Lucy Heartfilia and Gray Fullbuster. The Unison Raid with Lucy is called “Hemisphere (A Celestial Sphere)”, while the attack with Gray is named “Cassiopeia (a constellation)”.

History: Astra grew up in Crocus, a city in Fiore, where she lived with her parents and her younger brother, Celio (which means ‘Heaven’). She was taught magic by someone in town, after she saw the man practice in his yard on her way home from school and asked him to teach her.

Her brother wanted to learn magic too, so Astra taught him a little. Celio dreamt of becoming the best wizard in the world, and trained every day to become more powerful. Astra always admired him for his determination. Astra and her brother trained together at first, but after a few years, Celio got so caught up in his obsession with power, that he completely ignored his family. In the end he challenged many other wizards and killed all the people he won from as proof of his immense power. Astra trained on her own, continuing to grow in power as well, but for different reasons. After years she learned what her brother was doing, and by then Celio was so lost in his obsession with power that he turned against Astra when she and her parents asked him to stop. Celio decided to run and escape to a new city or country so he could continue doing as he wished, but Astra was asked by her parents to bring their son home. Being the older sister and the one who taught him magic, it was her responsibility. Astra went to find her brother, but as expected, he didn’t want to come home. He blamed his family for holding him back and said there was only one last option for him: Killing them all so he could obtain true freedom to train and become powerful. He and Astra fought; Astra just wanted him to come home while Celio saw his sister as an actual opponent he had to defeat (and kill) in order to be closer to his goal.

During this fight, Astra got hit by one of her brother’s magical attacks in her eye, which damaged her eyes indefinitely. She can still see, but the attack damaged her ability to copy magic through her eyes at full capacity (she can now only use 70% of the power she absorbs). She ended up killing him, however, – or thinking she did – and when she went home she told her parents she couldn’t bring Celio home because she ‘lost’ him. They never forgave her for this, so she left her house at the age of 15 and traveled to Magnolia city, hoping to polish her skills and become a better wizard so she could protect others from people like her brother.

In Magnolia, someone made her a blindfold infused with magic that helps her filter out attacks and absorb the magic in a less harmful way so Astra does not damage her eyes more.

Guild Mark: Black. It’s on her belly, precisely placed in such a way that her bellybutton is exactly between the ‘gap’ between the head and the tail of the logo.

Guild Rank: S class, technically, but doesn’t go on S-rank missions alone (she always has some member of Fairy Tail with elemental magic to accompany her). She got lucky when passing the exam because she got to prepare properly and bring someone with elemental magic to accompany her in the exams. That’s the only reason she became S-rank.

Family and Friends:

Mother: Anna Crosswise, but Astra hasn’t contacted her mother in years.

Father: Christopher Crosswise, but Astra has not contacted her father in years.

Siblings: Celio Crosswise, thought to be deceased.

Crush/boyfriend/love interest: Nobody specifically but halfway through the story Astra starts to take a liking to Gray and Laxus simply because they tend to ignore her flirting.

Best Friend: Luna, her pet Owl. (Luna is always with her and acts as Astra’s ‘eyes’ when she has become blind from using too much magic. Luna’s name is sometimes ‘shortened’ to the playful ‘RuRu’ by Astra)

Rival: Juvia sees her as yet another ‘love rival’ (as she does with everyone) despite Astra not thinking of herself that way.

Ex Friend: She didn’t really have memorable friends (or friends she now hates) when she lived in Crocus, she just doesn’t contact them that often.

Other relative: A random unimportant uncle.

Personal Info:

Personality: Astra is very flirty and can really be seen ‘craving’ attention from others, especially good looking guys or good looking girls (in a way it’s to make up for the attention and time she lost with her brother, so she needs to know she’s liked in one way or another). She likes to see how far she can go and naturally assumes people think she’s as good looking as she thinks she is.

Aside from her flirting and need for approval (which she claims she doesn’t need), Astra is a very nice person. She respects everyone until they mess up or creep her out, and will always be there for her friends when they need her. She’s not always good at dealing with her emotions as she doesn’t always know how she feels or how to express those feelings, so she tries to wave off awkward or sad moments by making jokes and laughing, while trying to change the subject.

She hardly talks about her past but when she does she tells the same story she told her parents; that she ‘lost’ her brother, though she tells her friends she came here to ‘find him’ rather than escape her disappointed and angry parents and every reminder of her dead brother. Astra likes to tease people, not only in a flirty or sexual way, but also by making jokes etc.

She can be very manipulative and likes to do excessive research on people when she can (again, this is a bit of a result from not knowing about her brother until it was too late, so she wants to make sure she knows everything there is to know about the people she meets so she cannot make that mistake again). Astra easily wraps people around her finger when she wants or needs something (either by using knowledge about them against them, or by flirting her way through) and has no problem using her sexuality or secret information to do it.

When Astra gets drunk, she likes to make puns or jokes out of people’s names or abilities, and she becomes clingier and stats touching people (hugging etc.) and can become very emotional for no reason.

Likes: Ice Cream, sleeping in, good looking people, flirting, getting what she wants or thinks she deserves, cute or sexy clothing compliments.

Dislikes: Super hot weather and super cold weather, fish or other seafood, not getting the attention she wants, when people say she’s not the most gorgeous person they have ever seen, when people realize she’s a bit of a hypocrite, losing.

Hobbies: Relaxing, modeling.

Habits: Researching everyone she meets until she knows pretty much everything there is to find about them. Striking poses (sexy or cute or any other style she deems effective) to intimidate or infatuate them so the other person let’s her do as she wishes – even if it doesn’t work at all, she’s so used to striking these poses it’s become a habit to try. Another habit is to grab or look for her blindfold the minute she wakes up, or fix its position on her face so it’s more comfortable (even when she’s not wearing it, she sometimes reaches for her face to adjust the blindfold, like people do with glasses).

Dreams/Goals: To protect her friends and forgive herself for killing her brother (which she doesn’t know she didn’t).


- Astra means “Star”. It is also a supernatural weapon in Hinduism.

- “crosswise” is a song by T.M.Revolution, my all-time favorite singer. It is also one of the songs he sang live during his concert in 2015, which I happened to have gone to when I was in Japan!

- At first I was going to name the type of magic “Conversion Magic” but I ended up liking Transfiguration more because of Harry Potter.

- Cassiopeia was a really vain Queen in Greek Mythology, whose arrogance and vain became her downfall. She was placed in the heavens tied to a chair in such a position that she is upside-down half the time. This is a representation of Astra’s relationship with Gray: Half the time they like each other and get along, while the other half, they can’t stand each other, mainly due to Astra being vain and also arrogant. Astra’s vanity and arrogance can be her downfall as well.

- Luna is the Goddess of the Moon. All moons are surrounded by stars. Luna is the moon, and ‘shines light’ in Astra’s darkness, and helps clear her path (helps her see) when she is in the dark.

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