Percy Jackson Meets Captain Confederacy Picture

1864. That was the year it all started. Officially at least. Things had never seemed grimmer for the Confederate States of America and a Union victory seemed right around the corner. The secret governmental subcommittee had been established to search for more...supernatural means of victory. No one seriously thought it would work at the time, but hey, what did they have to lose? The plan was simple: attempt to contact the gods of Ancient Rome and have them intervene on the behalf of the Confederacy. What nobody expected was that it actually worked.

Before long the armies of Mars and Bellona compleatly decimated the Union's forces and the Confederacy not only gain independance, but quite a bit of Union land as well. The gods were more than happy to continue Confederate conquest into Latin America; they only asked in return to be worshipped and have temples built in their honor. This was easily done, with a few tweeks to the freshly minted constitution. After all, why mess with a winning formula?

Things changed, however, when the question of slavery came up. The gods advocated enslaving poor whites as well as blacks. When President Longstreet argued this was going too far, Jupiter reminded him of who truly was in charge. Since then the Confederacy has become heavily modeled off of Ancient Rome, as much in clothing and architecture as in administration and social order.

Meanwhile, other nations had begun to take an interest in the occult following the runaway success of the Confederates. The French were the first to have success with their attempt at reviving the gods of Ancient Greece. However, it was the British who were the major innovators. It was they who discovered that the way the gods were revived depended on how well one knew them; or at least, how one envisioned them.

It goes as follows: if you know hardly anything about the gods you seek to summon then you will get incredibly simpleminded, but still incredibly powerful, gods. If you know more about them they will be more fleshed out and have more rounded personalities, but still with potential to revolt if they should feel like it. However, if you envision the gods with well rounded and fleshed out personalities, but with a culture and mores fitting your own society, the chances of their staying loyal are significantly increased.

So it was when the British summoned the Egyptian gods; all of the mysticism and wisdom of Ancient Egypt combined with the posh, prim and proper nature of true Brits. Unlike the Olympians, constantly squabbling with one another, the Egyptian gods easily worked together to expand the power of the British Empire. The Egyptians deities have lead to something of a bout of Egyptomania throughout the British Empire. New buildings are often modele off of those of Ancient Egypt and Victoria even fancies herself a Pharaoh.

In Ireland, as resistance group attempted to summon the old Celtic gods to liberate them from the British. Unfortunately, their methods were sloppy and resulted in poorly conceived gods. When instructed to create a perfect nation the gods faced a delema: humans are not perfect, but they were instructed to create a perfect nation. Therefore, the gods reasoned, a perfect nation did not include humans. Weaker gods can be destroid, as the Celtic gods were easily disposed of by the Egyptians. However, the damage had been done. It is estimated that as much as 80% of the Irish population perished in the wrath of the gods.

Meanwhile, India made a more successful attempt to resist colonial occupation with gods of their own. Fueled by the sincere belief of millions, the Hindu gods established something of an empire of their own throughout South and Southeast Asia. The British have made multiple attempts to retake the jewel of their empire, but as of late an uneasy truce has been established between the two nations.

Germany has managed to unite much of Europe following their acquisition of the old Norse gods. Scandinavia has managed to remain independant by appeasing the Norse deities. Despite their best efforts the Norse gods still don't perfroms as well in tropical conditions, but with the large empire it currently holds, Germany see this as more of a minor annoyance than a true issue.

Japan, much like India, has fueled its gods with sincere belief and has come to dominate East Asia. There have been minor conflicts with Chinese deities, but over all their grips is stable. All nations are influanced by their gods, but Japan, with its divine emperor, is a bit more so than others. Though they've still imported many western innovations, they've still retained much of their native customs and practices.

The Divine Arms Race has compleatly reshaped the world. Long standing religious institution have been dismantled so that more belief and faith and be channelled to the national gods. The Sinai Peninsula has been sunken to make way for ships traveling between Europe and Asia. Similarly, the entire provenance of Panama has been sunken to make shipping in the Americas easier. Competing nature deities often means that weather can be wild and unpredictable.

And what of the United States. They're still Independant if you can beleive it. Some say they've appeased the Roman gods with offerings. Others say they've received help from defector deities like Set and Loki, which is true to an extent. But the real reason? They'd been doing to occult work of their own around the time the Confederates had. Mostly in the South Pacific and Antartica. They say they've got gods that most others fear to even mention by name. They say their gods come from beyond the stars and could destroy the world if they didn't drive us mad first. Let's hope they never have to use them.
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