Venus Surge Picture

Venus goddess of love, rising from an unfathomable deep.
Rising into the sun on a foaming heap.
The wind smitten drove you gently to the shore.
And walked into our mythology through an open door.

Gods, Kings, and commoners alike fawn at your presence,
for no person has the beauty of dawn in your essence.
Supple body and artful sculpture of mind.
No Struggle and Toil can resist your kind.

The working man of Vulcan is your husband.
The fighting man of Mars is your lover.
One toils and beats his work into an offering and gift to you.
The other is disarmed by your force of arm and willful body.

Your mind and body are like the sea from whence you sprang.
Its depth and consistency beyond man.
It surges like the waves in ebb and flow of mind and emotion.
Then retreats playfully into the sea beckoning the naive.

You sink ships of masculinity with your bold hands.
You eviscerate the pride and boasting of mankind.
You test stamina of all who wish to ride your waves.
Your beauty is beyond all compare to the world.

However something is lacking a cold emptiness.
The world worships and praises you to no fulfilling.
Your pleasure of the bed is bitter and tiresome duty to you.
Like the depth of sea it has no end and an insatiable hunger.

I walk past you, oh of the greatest of beauty and I weep.
For it is like rags in my eyes, the ruin of femininity to you.
For what you have called love is nothing of the sort.
For the jewel of your heart is still uncut and dirty.

For with your perfect breasts and body that all adore.
And a fire within that any man melts before.
I see a woman in a hollowed out husk before
And it hurts for me to see you like in a state of horror.

But the one who will not let you have your way will draw you.
Out into the deep water of a different sea
And an all consuming love with rage over your pitiful waves
And your eyes will open wide to a flame so bright.

Venus may have entered on foam to the world of man
But enter into my world of a sea of consuming love so alien.
Venus drowned that day when she entered my realm.
Now her name is Nava* and she is the sun itself of love.

Once a wise king once said a virtuous woman is more than rubies, and he was right.
Although maybe he didn't even mean that the stone was cut, but you get the drift of tide.

Joshua S. Tribble 2011

*Nava is Hebrew for "Beautiful."
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