TLE: Mars of Legion Tryout Picture

Tryout, Permission from ~OneLifeRemaining

Name: Mars

Orgin and relation:
Named after the "red planet", or the fourth planet from the sun. That is why his pelt is colored slightly red, and most of his patterns are in intervals of four. (Dots on back legs, face tattoo, stripes on rear, etc.)

In Mythology, Mars, the god of war, was often pictured holding a spear. Thus, we have a spear wielding cat!

Species: Bobcat

Background and facts: He came from the stars, as most Legion cats did. As his name suggests, he is the mightiest warrior in the Legion. His cleverness and wit in battle is unmatched. (Who says the greatest warriors have to be hugely muscled?)

Weapons: A spear for Hunting and Battle. The banage is always hanging off but tucks it into the rope, Which hurts his claws.


Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Kin: Unknown

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