Mars - Figure Drawing Exercise Picture

This one needs some explanation:

I went to the Getty (The one by the 405 freeway) for a Humanities assignment. I figured I'd get the info off a painting and go home real fast, but then I looked at the program and I noticed a drawing class . . . so I decided to stay for it.

Every 1st and 2nd Sunday they have an art class by the same teacher, changing teachers each month. Totally check one out if you can,

The teacher was really great and he just told us to work on the figure of one of the paintings, after he showed us a few tricks. There was this really awesome painting of Mars (The Greek God) and I couldn't help but do that one (I can't find a picture of it at all).

I kept working on my mine and when the class was over the teacher said it was good. He asked me if I ever took any figure drawing classes. When I told him no, he seemed kinda shocked.

"You'd love it." he told me.

I'm about one prerequisite away so . . . I can't wait.
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