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Night of the Hunter by 30 Seconds to Mars…
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I've altered Erebos's design again to look more bat-like and I have given him chameleon-like scales. Originally I had no idea what to call his species so I figured I'd just make something up like the Syveruses and call it a day, but then I did some research and found an existing mythical creature that fits him pretty cleanly, and is open to diverse creative designs. The Gargoyle originates from french mythology and it's said that no two gargoyles look exactly alike, and because the can look many different animal combinations they can be considered a variation of Chimera. Since they are a cave dwelling species they have issues seeing in daylight, thus they are nocturnal and with their chameleon-like skin they are able to look like a stone statue and sleep during the day, creating the myth that gargoyles turn into stone during the day. To be more accurate the skin acts more similar to an octopus's that can change color and texture, but it's more hard and scaly, then when they disguise themselves as statues the skin becomes harder, and when punched it actually feels like rock, like Shark skin. Gargoyles can be benevolent guardians that supposedly scare off the devil or malevolent representations of the dangers of sin and damnation. Because Gargoyles originate from the french I am thinking of throwing some aspects of french and pre-french culture into the Gargoyle society.

Erebos was born the son of Azoalos the Tyranical Lord of Byethule Bolig, the City that dwells in the deep, a subterranean kingdom that lays deep within the caves of the Herrian Mountain range, as well as the leader of the cult of Zelophbog, the precursor to Bys. Azoalos was once a general but was striped of his command for attempted warmongering and his cruelty to his own soldiers. He later had the former King assassinated and placed himself in power accusing their neighboring kingdom for his death and many more of their people's troubles, allowing him to rally the masses to follow him blindly. After becoming king he was married to the old king's queen...only trouble was he already had wive and Child named Erebos after the Primal Darkness. He kept them both around but treated his wife like a whore and his son like a punching bag for him to abuse and practice his power on. There was one instance where he whipped Erebos with a hot chain, leaving his body scarred with lashes and the marks of chains, but worst of all Azoalos engraved symbols of fear all over his body and could use the power of these symbols to impose fear on those who gave upon him, and would use this power on his son to torture him. The final straw came when Azoalos lashed out in a drunken fury and murdered Erebos's mother while she was trying to stop him from hurting her son. Erebos fled into the shadows of the deep and went missing until he was discovered by the Master of Shadows Deksel Shral, an exiled guardian of the neighboring kingdom. Deksel takes Erebos in and trains him to one day face his father and become the new king, and Erebos takes on a new identity as Nox The Night Hunter. Deksel also had with him an egg, not just any egg but a dragon egg, and using his staff of shadows and the staffs of the other 5 elemental masters, Deksel transferred all of their power into the egg claiming that it would turn the tides. Nox knew his foster father was troubled but his heart was in the right place, and he admired his devotion to set things right in the world. Eventually it became dangerous to keep him and what he came to know as his little brother around, and so Nox and the egg were sent to different care takers for their safety.

Now after many years the three of them find each other again, as godfather and brothers, ready to take on Azoalos head on!
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