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The Tectons are an ancient mythological race that are said to live in the Underworld. They are featured predominantly in the origins of the world, as seen by the underground races. To the demons and shadow stalkers that call the Underworld home, this race is the first sentient beings to ever grace this world.

In the beginning, before this world even existed, there was just the realm of the gods. The Gods Below lived within a molten star, one very much like the ones that fill the night sky. When the Gods Below decided to create the new world, they built around their own home. Layers and layers of solid stone were added, slowly creating the world we live on today. After they had finished, their realm was the heart of the planet, surrounded by miles and miles of stone and rock. Then the Core Dwellers were released, where they carved out the many tunnels and caverns that now make up the Underworld. When the Core Dwellers had completed their feast, a world had been made for life to grow. The Gods Below pulled the Core Dwellers back to their domain, sealing them within so they could not escape and ruin this perfect world. It was then time for the Gods Below to sow the mortal realm with life. They spread the great spores of fungus and moss throughout the tunnels, creating the basis for all life to live upon. Supposedly some of these spores reached the uninhabitable surface, and slowly mutated into a vile form of life that would forever mar the surface of this world (Demons really don't like the surface world, do they?). When the plants had been birthed, they created the lowest of creatures to feed upon them and be a part of the web that would hold all life below. Now with a realm that possessed all the crucial ingredients for higher life, the Gods Below turned to make the first kind.

Going to their great forges, the Gods Below took the magma and stone that made up the world and began forging the first kind. Their legendary hammers shaped the mortal substances, and their living flames seared life into the hollow shells. Together, they forged the Tectons, the first true race who would populate this new world and give faith to the Gods Below. As they pushed this new race out of their realm and into the lowest layers, the Gods Below found that something had gone wrong. The Tectons were powerful and strong, but they had no minds to their bodies. Despite the hard shells and the hot blood pumping through them, they were empty inside. They moved and acted like mindless beasts, with no drive to create and civilize. Looking to fix this, the Gods Below stepped in. They spread their own minds into the Tectons, hoping to spark thought into their solid brains. When the Gods Below seized control, the Tectons did have life and direction. They organized, they banded together and hunted together. Believing they had succeeded, the Gods Below retreated from their heads and looked on. When they left, the spark within the Tectons vanished too. This race they had created could no exist without the aid of the gods. In the end, the Gods Below created mere puppets, creatures that required direction and obeyed every command. Though a success in creating life, the Gods Below failed to create worthy young to rule this new world.

Unwilling to destroy those they created, the Tectons now remain in the lowest levels of the Underworld. They are said to be guardians of the realm of gods, preventing mortals from entering. Their bodies are said to be made of the toughest materials, and the magma itself is in their veins. Tectons are indestructible and cannot be harmed by mortal tools. Their thick massive bodies are perfect for crushing foes, and their bladed antenna can gut even the quickest of prey. Aided by the mind of gods, the Tectons do nothing more than guard the lowest layers, and serve as the vessels of the Gods Below. If one were to ever overcome the intense heat and pressure of those inhospitable layers, they would have to face the Tectons. Needless to say, no one has ever seen one in thousands of years. Despite that, Tectons are seen as the first true race, and ones who have a direct link to the gods. To harm or disobey a Tecton is equivalent to spitting into the face of the gods themselves. How someone could even do that is beyond me.

With Tectons being living stone and magma, it explains the disdain that demons and other races below have against rock golems. Since Tectons are the first kind and made by the gods themselves, replicating such a thing is quite frowned upon. The fact that humans made them too is another slap in the face. When the surface world and Underworld clash, golems are always the first to be targeted and destroyed, looking to obliterate the blasphemy that was created above. Thankfully, I have heard that this belief is starting to fade away with the younger generation below. Perhaps this is a small step towards acceptance between the two layers. I can sure hope.

With the Tectons being failures in creating a sentient race of followers, the Gods Below looked to try again. Seeing that they used mortal substances to create such a race, they believed that the materials were the cause of the mindlessness. Simple materials created simple creatures, and the Gods Below looked to fix that. In their next attempt to create the true race, they used their own flesh and blood. Those that would be birthed from this process would be fit to rule this new world. Or so the Gods Below thought.......

Chlora Myron
Dryad Natural Historian


The Dryads of my world have been getting a lot of love in terms of world building, so I have turned to working on the Underworld side of things.
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