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During Highschool, since I didn't attend a physical education class I had to make up for it by doing recreational activities to make up for it. My folks made me jog, lift weights, swim laps, and a bunch of other stuff I didn't like. But there was one activity I did like...Archery. Because who wouldn't jump at the chance to use a weapon? And it turns out, the town I moved to has a few shooting ranges including an archery range. Because of that, I figure this could be a good subject for a MEME. So here are 10 of my favorite (fictitous) archers. Keep in mind that I'm not very good at ranking, and they are in no particular order other then how I thought them up. Okay, let's begin.
10. Robin Hood: Yeah, I went with the obvious one first. Since he's so iconic and a public domain character, I don't think I need to go into detail for this one.

9. Ja Kal from "Mummies Alive!": He wears armor modeled after a falcon(Horus to be accurate) and has arrows that turn into fire. How cool is that? As a character, he's a good surogate father to Presley and displays some depthness. And it's kinda interesting that the leader is an archer instead of the usual swordsman.

8. Frank Zhang from "Son of Neptune": Being Son of Mars(the roman god of war) makes him a nature with weapons(but perfers bow and arrows). And being a descendant of Posideon(through Perichymenus), he inhareted shapeshifting powers. Rick Riordan sure knows how to please me.

7. Cryotek from "Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light": Okay, I'm cheating with this one since his real weapon of choice is a flail and he only produces arrows through a spell. And you would think something called the "Strength Spell" would increase your physical strength. But you got to admit, it looks awesome in the intro.

6. Artemis Crock from "Young Justice": I don't know what's she's like in the comics, but I like what Greg Weisman did with the character. She comes from a family of criminals, but she doesn't want to be one.

5. Hawkeye from "Marvel Comics: When you think about it, he's got alot of balls. Being one of the few Avengers with NO powers and all. And if your wondering how I thought of him in the movie. Although it did answer a question I've been having about trick arrows(like how do they know which one they're pulling out), but I didn't like his new costume. I can understand that the one in the comics with the purple and pointy mask would look silly, but now he looks like rip-off of Red Arrow. I thought his "United They Stand" costume was the best, and think the movie should of use a less bulky version of that.

4. Artemis from greek mythology: The goddess of the moon, hunting, woodlands, mid-wives, and virgin women. If the picture I chose didn't tell you, the Disney's Hercules version of her is my favorite. I was going from an enviromental fase at the time, and she was protraded as a protecter of the forest. Kind of an odd choice when you remember that she's the goddess of THE HUNT, and in a time when killing large animals was okay. I guess she draws the line at overhunting.

3. Roy Harper from "DC Comics": Better known as Speedy, Arsenal, Red Arrow, and Arsenal again. That's right, I think Roy is more interesting the his former partner Green Arrow. It was from watching Atop the Fourth Wall that made me think of it, but he's alot like Spider-Man. Both characters lost a father figure in their origins, both wear red costumes and have long range weapons, both marked the bronze age of comics because of drugs(Peter's friend takes drugs, and Roy himself being the addic), both lost their respected families because of executive meddling(Spider-Man's "One More Day", and Red Arrow in "Cry for Justice" and "Rise and Fall"), and both became completely different characters("Superier Spider-Man" and "Red Hood and the Outlaws" respectively). I think Amalgram comics should of fused Spidey with Arsenal, instead of Superboy. But I'm getting off topic.

2. Hank the Ranger from "Dungeons and Dragons": Once again, the leader of the team is an archer instead of a swordsman. But to be fair, non of the main characters have a blade of any kind. His bow is cool just the same, not only firing energy arrows, but also creating ropes and binds.

1. Calandra from "Gold Digger Tangent": A werelioness and member of the Northern Edge Guard(a rescue group on the magical realm of jade, for those of you who don't read Gold Digger). The second story arc of the tangent series is actually focused on her. She starts out as a potcher hunting in the ashlands, until she was caught by the dinosaur-like Ashlanders. She joined the Nothern Edge Guard as a way to pay for her crime, and sees opertunity when she hears that a dragon baroness whated to hire them. She drags Raphael and Sil on the secret mission, and learns the reason the animals she hunted were so sacred is because...Well, I don't want to ruin it for anyone.

Now, I'll list the honorable mentions.

Green Arrow
Kate Bishop
Mia Dearden

Now the Disclaimer.

Robin Hood and Artemis(goddess)(or at least the versions pictured)(c) Disney
Ja-Kal(c) Cookie Jar Productions
Frank Zhang(c) Rick Riordan
Hawkeye(c) Marvel
Artemis Crock and Roy Harper(c) DC Comics
Cryotek and Hank(c) Hasbro
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