The Vamp Queen joins Swords of Dilmun Picture

I enjoyed the weekend's Pop Quiz creation, The Vamp Queen, enough that I think she makes a good villain for The Swords of Dilmun, a setting that I posted one WIP for already. As I said then:

I decided recently that my superhero world needed a science fiction "lost world" genre component, something along the lines of Buck Rogers or Brick Bradford's time travels or Flash Gordon's trip to Mongo, or John Carter's to Mars. Mongo and inhabitable Mars don't fit in, and time travel is already used in the whole Paragon family & the Para Team, so I thought maybe a little "Lost World" action, with our hero traveling through a dimensional portal to an alternate reality, or pocket universe.

Thus was born the lost world of Dilmun. I incorporated the warrior queen, Zhian Ling Khartun, who obviously fit the bill, as well as the adventuress Victoria Loveless, who fit the Wilma Deering role more than the Dale Arden. I need a strong male adventurer, so, to go with Buck, Brick and Flash, I came up with Brett Bradley, though he was initially "Biff". He needs a scientist type, so enter Prof. Morris. Add in a cute robot and a cute dragonette, and we're beginning to have a suitable crew.

They were obviously in need of a chief villain. I thought of a Khan to go with Zhian Ling being a "Khartun", but the Asian tyrant bad guys are a bit too stereotype, so what about a vampire? Stereotyping them as evil isn't as objectionable. So, we follow more of a Princess Ardala / Dragon Lady route than Emperor Ming / Fu Manchu. With Dilmun being a fabled land from the mythology of Mesopotamia, which may well have existed 5,000 years ago, she could be Lillith, queen of the Lilin (līlīṯu), Lamias and the like.

She appears here:…
The original Swords of Dilmun WIP is here:…

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