AM's Massive Meme Picture

Decided to Massive meme out of boredum. Thinks that inspire me:

1st row across=
1. Doctor Who/David Tennant (Tvshow and actor),
2. Supernatural/Anit-demonic Tattoo(Tvshow and element from the show)
3. Breaking Benjamin(band)
4. Carnivals/Carnival Masks
5. Bat (favorite animal)
6. Venice

2nd row across=
1. Michael Shapcott's Painted Girls (Way of Paiting)
2. Scorpio (Symbol and Birth sign)
3. 30 Seconds to Mars (band)
4. Astronomy
5. Lorraine Vostro (My dell computer)
6. BioWare (Future goal to work there)

3rd row across=
1. Leon Kennedy (One Favorite Characters)
2. Gallifreyian Language (From Doctor Who)
3. A Perfect Circle (Band)
4. Angel Statues/Angel Lore
5. Science Fiction/ Fantasy (Genre)
6. UbiSoft (Future Goal to work at)

4th row across=
1. Ezio (One of Favorite Characters)
2. Angel Wings
3. Halestorm (band)
4. Concept Art
5. Eye Colors
6. Space/Galaxies

5th row across=
1. Castiel/Misha Collins
2. Assassins Creed
3. Blackmore’s Night (band)
4. Books
5. Music
6. Borders

6th row across=
1. Vampire Hunter D (books and Character)
2. Enochian language (angel language)
3. SafetySuit (band)
4. Video Games
5. Mythologies (all of them)
6. Hot Topic (store and gothic style)

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