B.B. oc: Morten Raes Gravais Picture

This is my one of my ocs for Black Butler. ;q;
I'm still modifying him, so expect some things too be improved that seem far fetched! uwu

name: Morten Raes Gravais (( given to him by Berangr))((although, his real name is Phorcys))
Age: he claims he's 22, but everyone knows he lies...
species: Demon
special attribute: His scarves ends becomes snakes when he is angry, which is usually when he becomes impatient or is not given what he wants.
His scarf covers his Faustian Contract with Berangr //other oc//
Hair color: black
eyes: normally they are a pale orange.
if you unbutton his coat, you would see snake bites.
He tells Berangr that after their contract is up, he will tell his snakes "to rip out her heart and feast upon it"but just says this to keep her in living in fear and regret of their contract.
he loves causing chaos and misfortune to those who he deems literal"useless swine" causing him to see that ((after meeting her0) Berangr was weak and was thinking of just extracting her soul at its weakest state and getting it over with, but thought it be more fun to make a contract, although she hesitated to do it.

his name Phorcys comes from Greek Mythology. It is the name of Medusa's father. ((hence his snakes))
Phorcys is the God of the Hidden dangers of the Deep //sea//. it was said that he and Ceto had the most monstrous of children, which includes the Echnida and Gorgons. (( why he love causing mischief))

his name that Berangr gave him translates to devoted to Mars or Moor Town.
Gravias, coming from latin, could mean heavy, weighty, serious, important. (( he thinks quite highly of himself))

the picture in the corner is him becoming progessivley angry with Berangr, although later she cuts her hair.
the other one is of Renata Babineux, a reaper whom he continuously tries to anger, but to no avail- he fails.

//. IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. these are just some ideas //

whew, so many French names ;q;
plus the Greek name thing took a lot of research! although it was fun to me!

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