Alternative Sailor Senshi Picture

This is what the main 5 sailor senshi would look like if some American anime artists decided to do an American remake of Sailor Moon. Made by this dollmaker.

From left to right:
Marion Walters, aka Sailor Venus. Calm yet dramatic, she serves as the leader if something happened to Sailor Moon. She is also more experienced than the others due to being the first to awaken her powers.
Powers: Metal and Air.
For this doll, I combined Sailor V's and Sailor Venus's outfits. I also gave her a transformation brooch that is somewhat similar to Sailor Moon's. She also has a silver moon crescent on her tiara, similar to the one seen in Crystal.

Alexis Cornet, aka Sailor Mercury. Although timid, she is the smartest of the group, and uses her goggles to analyze mysterious substances.
Powers: Ice.
Unlike the other dolls, I made her leotard blue as well. I also made her hair a normal brown, because you can't have blue all over your body. That would be absurd.

Crystal Anderson, aka the one and only SAILOR MOON! Crystal was once a normal girl living with her divorced mom in San Francisco. One night, while lost after taking the wrong bus, she encountered Selene, a cat that turns her into Sailor Moon, guardian of love and justice. She may be ditsy and a crybaby, but means well and will do anything to protect the ones she loves.
Powers: Light and Love.
Official anime art depicts Usagi as more of a pink girl, so I made her bow and bow ties pink. I also gave her a hairpiece that has these cute little bows. To make up for the missing red hairpieces, I gave her a circlet with two flowers (that serve as sound transmitters. Extra points for never wilting) with a bunny bow in the middle. Why I chose the bunny in the middle of her bow? Well a). Bunnies and bows look cute together and b). I don't think we saw that bunny mark after about chapter 6 of the first arc. If you don't like this design, we can discuss it with coffee and cakes later. Same thing goes for all 4 designs.

Renee Bukharin, aka Sailor Mars. No one knows much about her background. She doesn't talk much, but she is pretty tough...and hot-tempered. Go on, villain of the week. Just TRY to tick her off.
Powers: Fire.
Renee looks similar to the original Sailor Mars, but there are a few differences: Renee's color scheme is inverted and she has a fancy necklace, tights and yellow eyes. Why I gave her yellow eyes instead of purple? Well, I'd love to discuss my nonexistent report on "Why Yellow Eyes are a Symbol for the Supernatural," but let's save that for another day.

Lana Mendoza, aka Sailor Jupiter. A certified lesbian, she is the most outspoken and athletic of the group. She also has a tendency to dress in fashionable, yet absurd styles.
Powers: Electricity and Wood.
For this doll, green(wood) and silver(lightning) are her color scheme. I also made her hair a purplish-pink ombre color...because why not?!?! And these mink topped boots are to die for!

And for the animals:
Selene: Crystal's animal mentor. Other than the name change and purple eyes, (a mixture of Luna's official blue and Luna's anime red) she looks basically the same as Luna.
Jie Lin: Marion's animal mentor. Yes, I know a romance between a bunny and a cat would be really awkward, but you know what? In Chinese mythology, rabbits are considered to be a symbol of the moon. As for the name Jie Lin, it matches this character's symbolic animal. And yes, I know Artemis sounds like a boy's name, but Artemis is named after a goddess, so I figured naming him after a Chinese god will make any sense.

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