Martian Tripod Picture

Dan Bensen's recent intriguing work on the War of the Worlds mythology ([link]) and [link]) prompted me to dig this one out of the morgue...It was actually a sketch for a design assignment from Western Washington University, circa 2002. The problem was to take a real-world object and reconfigure its component pieces into something else. So I checked out a vacuum cleaner from student services, then broke it down (visually, of course, I'm no vandal) and turned it into a Martian Tripod.

Consistent with the mindlessly sadistic bureaucratic policies at finer institutuions pretty much everywhere, Western required that you leave your student ID card as collateral to check out a vacuum cleaner. And you couldn't get into the dining hall without your ID card. So I had to finish the drawing before I could eat. Which was pretty motivating.

You know, I've never really seen a Martian Tripod I've been wholly happy with, though Roger Dean's ([link]) comes pretty close. I coincidentally found this site recently with a whole list of War of the Worlds goodness ([link]), including an animation of potential gaits for a tripodal walker!
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