Contest: Reaching for Olympus Picture

Yay, so this is my first contest entry ever and I'm a super newbie! I usually don't do that but it was so nice of TheDutchesse to invite that I got all goody-goody and went for it.
So, anyway, I went for Rhys and Rose her original characters (also, this drawing is under the OC category but they are hers, not mine). Anyway, I sorta had a feeling most people would go for the Hades Persephone thing (and, believe me, I get them I totally ship them as well) but I ended up going for Eros and Psyche for a few reasons:

I am much younger than my two older sibblings and they often entertained me with greek mythology stories and - since I've been a proud shipper since the age of four, shipping whatever I could ship - my brother and sister once told me the story of Eros and Psyque.
You're problably thinking they are very sweet and smart telling me those legends but they often told me other stories as well, when I was six bro tought it would be nice to tell me about Romeo and Juliet. I cried for ages.

Anyway, when I finally learnt how to read I spent most of my time looking for old hidden books in our house (we lived in a house that once belonged to our grandma so we had old books everywhere) and found the golden book of mythology. Back at the time I really fancied Psyche so I was a little disappointed to see she wasn't exactly the brightest olive in the field, also I thought Eros was sorta stupid. I remember thinking "what kind of MORON hits himself with his own magical arrows?"

And I won't even start on the subject of how weird I felt finding out the goddess of love wasn't exactly the sweetest person to deal with.

Oh yeah, a time for great discoveries... *nostalgic sigh*

ANYWAY, as the myth of Eros and Psyche always haunted me (in a way but mostly because it sorta teaches you that even true love is a pain in the ass and no matter how many things you offer to the person you love they'll still want more *pause for bitter silence*) in a way and MOSTLY because I don't get to draw wings and sissy romantic couples enough, I went for Rhys and Rose.

I took the characters' image but most their expressions are from the myth - though the chracters are also very love sick and all, Rhys - as I get it - is the series' comic relief and usually avoids taking himself too seriously he'd problably have a more awkward expression.
On the other side, since the author says he's very serious about Rose and doesn't mind not being taken seriously, his expression is problably right. Since he's looking at her and not at all bothered by the fact that he's wearing a skirt. @[email protected]

For the appearance, I kept The Dutchesse's main art caractheristics like non- volumous hair (and by this I mean that I usually draw people with heads and hair the size of Arizona) and didn't put many details on his eyes. Also, as Rhys is said to have a lot of freckles, if you look at the drawing closely, you'll see he has a bunch of freckles everywhere (but they were mostly hidden by the super huge wings, lol).

For Rose, I put her hair up in a very romantic-ish sorta of way (though, in real life, I have no idea how the hell the hair would be holding itself up) and since she's described as a motherly character who'd do anything for Rhys yadda³, I gave her this super "I'm so in love I could die" look and made her caress him like she's high on ecstasy or something.

Both characters belong to TheDutchesse and Eros and Psyche belong, well, to the Greek people.
Reaching for Olympus is a Original Story also by The Dutchesse and if you copy her idea or characters or anythign without talking to her, the spirits will tell her and next thing you know you'll be waking up in a bathtub filled with ice and no kidneys.

Oh yeah.

TheDutchesse (and more about this contest) can be found right here:

Also, have I mentioned my name has a Greek Orygin? Yeah, I've done some research and Thais was actually a sort of bandana courtesans (meaning prostitutes, of course) wore to represent the status. The bigger the Thais, bigger the...
Nice, uh? My family name is also Greek, it's Urano - the portuguese word for Uranus (yes, like the planet/titan).

So, all in all, if you translate my name you get:

"Price tag for prostitutes coming from Uranus". It's nice to feel special.

Nice, uh? Veronica MARS got a whole series, what would I get? A bad x-rated movie?
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