Midgard - Domesticated Gullinkambi Picture

Domesticated Gullinkambi

Gullinkambis are appropriately named after the rooster of Norse Mythology. Actually, they seem to take several traits of different birds on Earth. Gullinkambis are often found in large flocks who sleep together during the long night. When the sun rises again, a scout emits a cry that is disturbingly similar to that of a rooster. This strategy is designed to wake up the entire clan early enough to eat the best food before any other animal comes near.

They always remain close to water and their favourite food appears to be fish that washes up on the beach. Even so, Gullinkambi are like seagulls in the sense that they can tolerate any kind of food from plants to small animals and even the scraps of the Midgardians. They are often found near their villages unafraid and carelessly pecking at anything on the ground. There are several species of Gullinkambies, and the ones who are raised by the Midgardians within the villages are the official domesticated ones. They are often fattened up and every part of their bodies, including their delicate bones, are eadible.

One might notice that these animals do not have clawed feet. That's because, like the Cara Cara of South America, they spend a lot of time on the ground rather than in the trees. The design of their four feet allowed them to navigate the sand of the beach and their long legs allow them to cover long distances.

Finally, traces of the turkey are found with the red wattles hanging before their four part beaks. But the similarities end here (appearance wise). Although it is also used for attracting mates, the function is slightly different. Like the Ratatoskr ( [link] ), the wattles fill with blood to increase the heat, which also makes the wattles appear red. Females, who also can only see with heat pitts, look for the males who can make the most beautiful color streaks by bobbing their heads. Females, who have smaller wattles, make nests out of fallen folliage near the shoreline to keep the eggs from dehydrating. The preferred spots are trees near the water that provide moisture and shade, but a predatory squid has taken advantage of this... ( DUN DUN DUUUUH! )

Gullinkambies were first introduced in flight in the Shoreline picture shown here : [link] .

Well, everybody knows that the bird is the word
A-well-a, bird, bird, b-bird's the word... (x100000 times)

-The Trashmen
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