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Back in September, I began posting profiles of characters belonging to an original superhero team I came up with called the Olympian Squadron. The concept itself was inspired by Greek mythology, with the goal being to modernize the Greek Gods while also infusing elements of Super Sentai/Power Rangers and western superheroes.

The premise for the series is as follows:

Centuries ago, there was a war on Olympus led by a primordial evil known as Hekatomb. This demonic entity slew many of the Gods, including Zeus and his siblings. With Hekatomb's very presence threatening the safety of the Earth, Gaia herself used the essence of the remaining Olympian Gods to seal him away. Though successful, Gaia was forced to send the Gods into the afterlife where they were thus reborn as mortals.

Sometime in the 21st century, Hekatomb is reborn and seeks to reclaim the Earth as his. In his quest for ultimate conquest, Hekatomb releases the demonic Gods Typhon and Echidna to do his bidding. Sensing this great evil, Gaia sought out the reincarnations of the Greek Gods - the human rights lawyer Peyton Oliver and her CFO half-brother Malcolm, twins Daphne and Alton Abbott, nurse Miles Chen, and the mechanic Vander Habib. Imbuing them with the divine powers that are their birthright, these six mortals became the superheroes known as the Olympian Squadron.


As mentioned previously, I posted all six of the members of the Olympian Squadron individually to my gallery. Their leader is Dea Alpha (Peyton), who is the reincarnation of Athena, and second-in-command is Dea Beta (Daphne), who is the reincarnation of Artemis. Deus Zeta (Malcolm) serves as the rebellious "sixth Ranger" and often works solo. Gaia and the villains Typhon and Echidna are exclusive to this piece here. Gaia is the mentor and guardian of the Olympian Squadron. Her powers are seemingly vast and unlimited, but have been weakened by the abuse of mankind on Earth. As such, she's been forced to take a physical form. Typhon and Echidna are lovers whose evil is only surpassed by their benefactor Hekatomb. They are sadistic, cruel and violent. However, they are reliant on one another and are weakened the longer they are apart.

For more information about these characters, you can view their individual profiles below.

Dea Alpha fav.me/dagg9pf
Dea Beta fav.me/daggd1s
Deus Gamma fav.me/daha815
Deus Delta fav.me/daiul2b
Deus Epsilon fav.me/daivsqw
Deus Zeta fav.me/dajmmm0

By far the most popular character of this bunch was Dea Alpha, who scored a combined 102 favourites and likes via DeviantArt and Instagram. Dea Beta was second at 96, followed by Deus Gamma at 92, Deus Epsilon at 87 and Deus Delta at 79. Deus Zeta was the least popular, coming in with 40. These characters were also far more popular on Instagram than here on DeviantArt, though that's not uncommon since original characters don't generally perform well for me.

Shout Outs:

I do want to take this time to say that this team was influenced by my watchers as a result of a poll I hosted a while back. I'd asked them to rank Zeus' divine children in a top ten list. The Gods who scored the most points were selected as those who would serve on this team. Athena placed first, Artemis second, Apollo third, Hermes fourth and Hephaestus fifth. This further determined their rank in the team (i.e. Alpha, Beta, etc.), as well as what order I posted them in. I did hope those who voted would check out the individual entries and comment on them, but I'm grateful to those of you that did. You all rock!

That said, I still want to give a shout out to those of you who voted on that poll since it played such an important role in the creation of this team. Specifically, I'd like to thank Topherlee2, UncannyX-Factor, bjv016, m4gichat, Gold-Reaper, kingziggy, Steelpoodle, Jose-Ramiro, MercyInk87, featureanimestar97, digipinky75910, herofan135, Xameoh, GDupons, ParisNJones, ei9, RakaiThwei, K-Jounin, Jovan2013, justinator119, Godzilla713, ChazH101, DanFalcon and Leumasy.

As always, I love hearing from you all so please feel absolutely free to leave a comment below letting me know what you think of this project, the characters and their designs. All thoughtful feedback is encouraged! Questions and queries are also welcome!

This is intended to be the last of the Olympian Squadron material (for now) and I'll be moving on to an animal-themed superhero team called Boreal Force. Stay tuned!

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