Luthor's Justice League (New Earth) Picture

After someone as important as Superman dies, a Dark Reign starts under the helm of Lex Luthor

-Lex Luthor/Superman:
Having faked his death over a year ago and having it suposedly be revealed that the man that had tried for years to kill Superman wasn't him but rather an impostor, after the death of his greatest enemy and having become a national hero after killing the monster known as Doomsday, Lex has been given the keys to become the new Director of ARGUS which he now changed into HAMMER, in his new position having decided to create a new Justice League under his leadership, donning a suit of armor in ''honor'' of the fallen Man of Steel.
-Hyperion: One of the many embryos created by Lex and CADMUS in an attempt to create a new Superman, Hyperion was the only succesfull attempt besides Conner Kent out of clonning Superman, however his DNA wasn't an exact replica due to having been made out of nuclear radiation making his powers being based out of nuclear energy. As Lex was making his new Justice League, Hyperion was one asset that he consider unvaluable as not only he could use him as his personal puppet, but also knowing that if his project falls appart, he'll have someone to guard his back.
-Circe/Wonder Woman: A legendary sorceress from Greek mythology and one of Wonder Woman's greatest adversaries, as Luthor was making his own League, Circe appeared seemingly out of nowhere offering herself to become Luthor's Wonder Woman, changing her appearence to reassemble that of Diana's, seeing an opportunity to actually taint the public image of her enemy
-Speed Demon/The Flash: Professional D-List villain and self-claimed archinemesis of Spider-Man, James was just a regular Joe up until he was given by an stranger a taste of what would be known as the Velocity 9 drug, however this taste seemed to be a prototype as it gave James super-speed abilitties like those of the Flash which he'd use to commit several crimes and felonies. However as time passed, James powers seemed to drain aways, then enter Lex Luthor, who offered James the ultimate temptation, join his Justice League in exchange for an unlimited ammount of V9.
-Orm/Aquaman: Stranged brother of Arthur Curry and prince of the underwater nation of Atlantis, after years of having seemingly been ignored of his heritage and right to become the king of Atlantis, Orm grew jealous of Arthur's life and eventually took upon the mantle of the Ocean Master as he attacked the city and took it for his own, taking the life of his just born nephew, locking Mera away in the Trench and cutting his brothers hand off and leaving him to die, Orm had just taken everything he ever wanted out of Arthur except for one thing, his legacy. Orm decided the best way to take it was to join Luthor's Justice League as Aquaman
-Jessica Cruz/Power Ring: A normal woman possesed by the power of the First Lantern, Jessica was taken more or less hostage by the Ring of Volthoom, a ring created by the First Lantern that drew it's power out of feeding off of its wearer's fear, killing them from the inside out while it controled it's body for it's personal agenda, Jessica was possesed by the ring years ago eventually being locked onto ARGUS by Simon Baz as a way of taking the ring out without the host being killed.
As Lex became the head of ARGUS, he took Jessica out and make her his team's Green Lantern, somehow having figured a way to have a truce between himself and Volthoom.
-Ma'alefa'ak/Martian Manhunter: J'onn J'onzz twin brother and the responsable for the death of all Martians, Ma'alefa'ak became his brother's personal adversary, tormenting him in every way imaginable, looking for every way to destroy his brother's moral and complete the genocide he once started on Mars by killing him. Having seemingly been unable to kill J'onn, Ma'alefa'ak looked for other ways to torment his brother, eventually even taking his form and become Lex Luthor's Martian Manhunter.

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