Rise of Gaea Picture

"Foolish demigods...", a thunderous voice crooned
The sky turned grey, thunder clapped as lighting lit the sky. The earth shook violently, making the demigods go into mass panic. A disembodied voice cackled. And without warning, the ground cracked open.
"Frank!", Hazel screamed as she pulled the son of Mars away just as the earth opened beneath him
Frank stammered his thanks.
"Woah," Leo gasped, "Big bad momma dead ahead!"
Sure enough, coming out of the biggest crevice was dirt woman herself
Her skin was dirt brown and her hair was a darker shade with grey bangs. Atop of her head was a golden crown embedded with emeralds. Her brown robes turned green as she emerged from the crevice. Her cloak changed into various shades of earthen colors. Gold bands wrapped her biceps. Her eyes emitted a greenish glow and green mist curled around her.
In a few seconds, a thirty foot dark-skinned beauty stood before the demigods. Leo let out a whistle.
"Y-you...", Hazel scrambled for words, "Y-you can't be..."
The earth goddess smiled wickedly.
"Yes, demigods", the goddess thundered, "I am Gaea and I have finally awakened."


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