JHB x MLP Tag Team Art: Medusa Hopi Mask Picture

ETA 08.03.2015: Okay, I'm guilty, I love this mask SO much (as well as its creator!), I actually slept with this mask beside me last night. Neurotic? Maybe. But not unwarranted. You can't blame me for loving this thing to pieces -- it freaking RULES. Thank you again, John!

A while back, my honey Puppetcancer made a request for a drawing of a Native American Hopi mask with a Greek mythological theme. I chose Cyclops, Mercury/Hermes and, as you see here, Medusa. (Actually, Medusa here was the first Hopi mask I conjured up for my boyfriend. The others came as an afterthought and I think more are coming! We'll see how that goes, but I'm very interested in doing more, Poisedon and Mars/Aries come to immediate mind. Keep eyes open for those!)

Now, I drew Medusa with NO idea that it could really be made. I wasn't even sure my John could do it, the man I believe can do anything. I thought it was just a drawing and he couldn't replicate it in the real world, but damned if he didn't! And didn't he rock at it, too?!

This is a prop for our Pathfinder campaign of a tribe of Native American elves traipsing around North America, and the things we get up to and the awesome stuff we find, like this mask here. My elf, Fire Thunder, (who is John's elf, Stares At Basilisks' mate) found this in a mud hole being guarded by mudmen. After thoroughly kicking their collective ass, we found this and snagged it for ourselves. (To the victor go the spoils..?) It mainly belongs to Fire Thunder, but she's the type that'd let anyone use it who had a legitimate need for it. (She also recently bought her Monk elf sweetheart a fancy weapon, since he didn't have anything super useful and cool at the time and she takes care of her man!)

And that spoke a great deal to me about us as a couple; we are doing that constantly, working together and making amazing things happen. I've never been so finely in tune with another human being in my life. John just... gets me. In all ways. This is the other half of Mandi Pope; this is the man whose sentences she finishes (and he finishes hers) and the man she orders lunch in stereo with. He's my everything, and he made this for me and it was dang near the most touching gift I've ever received, and super meaningful because it represents to me our ability to work together and this fantastic chemistry we have that we've had since Day One... and has never worn off. I'm as wildly, madly and irrevocably in love with the man as I was the moment I laid eyes on him. (First thought? No way that's him. I couldn't get THAT lucky! ... whelp, I did!)
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