Comatorium CD: Gigantomaquia Picture

I am involved with a community project at The Comatorium [link] which is a Mars Volta fansite.

We are organizing a CD of artists, poets, and musicians who visit the board, as a way to get them heard, promote and raise money for the site, promote the Mars Volta (indirectly), and get the community invovled in what we are hoping to be a yearly or biyearly project.

The site administrator ~leemartin0002 and i are collaborating on a possible cover for the project, and we have decided to do it as a "battle", which i have never done before. Basically, he starts with whatever he wants, i take it and manip it how i see fit, and we go back and forth until we reach something we both like.

The title is "Gigantomaquia" which is the Spanish translation of Gigantomachy, the name of the war between the Giants (Titans) and the Gods (in Greek mythology).

while i think it's safe to say at this point, the final piece by ~leemartin0002 will probably be the cover, i am going to go in with finishing touches and add a couple subtle hints (like greek statues) throughout.

i really like the way it came out. we started it without trying to take the title too literally, and showing a battle, and i think it progressed towards that idea anyway. but again, i like it.

if you'd like more information on the CD, visit The Comatorium [link]
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