Project Pantheon - High-Chieftans Pt.2 Picture


Onto the next batch of god-heads! Featuring two Western gods and two eastern gods.

Zeus: Everyone knows who he is, and here is King of the Olympians and the Empire of Olympia, and every bit the jerk he is in Greek Mythology. Zeus is perhaps the most bitter and vindictive of the pantheon-heads, as he believes that the whole reason he's even ousted from the Milky Way was because everyone else blames him for starting the Omni-War, and as such holds a grudge just as hard as Ra does. Their rivalry is so intense that amongst all the Pantheons, they're the only ones still at war with each other throughout the universe, with the Olympians being particularly nasty towards defeated alien pantheons. Much of his rage has a lot to do with the fact that one of his favorite children, Athena (the other main protagonist along with Mars, stuck in the form of a mechanical Owl) was shattered into several "soul-shards"... the gem he currently is holding is one of her pieces. He wages war upon war, trampling anyone that gets in his way, just to make his daughter whole again. It's one of the reasons why he loathes Michael, by being defeated and exiled, Zeus can no longer search the Milky Way for Athena's shards. In spite of this, he's a heckuva of a desk jockey, making sure that the realms under his rule is stable and orderly, while giving enough leeway to his family members to run their turfs semi-independently. As a testament to his power, he managed make Typhon his thrall and living WMD.

Odin: High-King of Asgard and the 9 realms, the Lord Reaper of the Universe, who uses the Yggdrasil system (basically the Webway) as a means to warp-in, wreck some dudes and their puny gods, plunder their things, and if possible take the entire system back to Yggdrasil. Since Odin is both the god of wisdom and the patron war god of the Berserkers, he's a tactical genius that also really, really loves being on the front lines. Behind this bravado though lies a man who is constantly on the watch, making sure that all plans work in the end and all actions are executable. This is mostly due to the fact that one, the 9 realms are vastly different from each other and not everyone sees eye-to-eye, and second, any realm is subject to invasion by Yggdrasil's most notorious dweller... Niddhog, a dragon so huge he dwarfs both Fenrir and Jormungandr. Being the god of war, he can summon a "Jojo STAND"-like entity, the embodiment of his fighting spirit, the rage of war and death. One swing of the Axe while in this form, things are just "erased" from existence.

The Jade Emperor: One of the newest members of the roster, due Celestial Beuracracy revolving around him along with the fact he is "God of Heaven", he's also the undisputed Gravity Master, being literally the center of his Galaxy... ripped right off a piece of the Milky Way. The Emperor is a pretty chill dude, who actually thinks that no longer being part of the Milky Way a good thing. He finally has the peace and harmony that he always wished, and now he can focus on matters like... manipulating planets and figuring out ways to use his gravity powers more effectively. He has the love of his court and his people, and using a "divine mandate" speaks to the general populace via a human avatar. However, his need for everything to be in order comes in conflict to those he's supposed to be allied with, that being Amaterasu and her Kami, along with the Buddhist entities. While he deeply respects the Buddhist faction, but believes that only his way of things gives result, and considers Amaterasu's occassional need to "sever" ties with the Buddhist representive to be nothing more than a nuisance. Also notable in that he bested Michael tactically during the Omni-War, hence why he was able to get away with ripping a portion of the Milky Way to make his own mini-galaxy, after seeing so many other Pantheons try and fail to beat Big Mike in close combat.

Amaterasu: The Empress of the Kami, and perhaps the unluckiest of the Chieftains presented so far. Her domain isn't a sprawling empire, but a constantly moving, nomadic "system" that travels the universe. During the Omni-War she tried her best to remain neutral, but alas war came to her anyway, and when it became clear to her who was going to win, she surrendered and agreed to terms, one of the biggest blow to her pride as a high Chieftan, all to avoid further bloodshed. Worse still, the relationship between her siblings are even more strained than they are in "canon" mythology. Due to their transgressions, they are repeatedly barred from entering her domain even though they are family... and her in great need of more divine firepower. She puts up a very strong front, trying to uphold the legacy of her father and be a good ruler, but is almost always chained by her past resentments and mistakes, with a constant need to "redeem" herself. In other words, Ami's a pretty depressed person inside. On the upside though, she's very close to Bishamonten, or in his real name Vaisravana, and can always count on his words of wisdom and guidance to put her in the right path, with the unfortunate side effect of making her appear "weaker" in the eyes of other god-heads. Despite this, she's every bit as powerful as the other chieftans, what seperates her from Ra is that she tends to put more emphasis on focused strikes (kind of like pulsars), using a Naginata as a conduit.
In one of the biggest deviations from mythological canon I plan on making Orochi very much alive, his demeanor however having changed a huge deal due to the events of the setting. His being alive is yet another reason why Susanoo and Amaterasu have a very, very strained relationship.

Again, a big thank you to :sirkaijuofvaudeville:, his immense knowlege of east-asian mythology really brought Amaterasu's role to life, one of the hardest challenges ever when making this project. A lot of her history in this setting was based off a discussion we had on here.
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