The Water Bearer ~ Aquarius Picture

Ruled by Uranus and ruler of the 11th house, Aquarius is an independent individual who desires knowledge above all else. He is very detached from his emotions and rubs off as blunt and even rude. He is also very stubborn and refuses to follow orders and what is seen as the norm, being very rebellious and choosing to do his own thing and wanting to be unique. Despite his calm demeanor, Aquarius can become very temperamental especially when others challenge his ideals with no real back up to their claims. He is very unpredictable and much like the other air signs, can become very impatient especially if not given space. When pushed too far, Aquarius can become one of the most aggressive signs, shaming even Aries and Scorpio, luckily it is very hard to push him over the edge due to his stubborn tolerance. Oddly, he has a great fear of getting hurt by others and seems to be the reason he is so closed off.

Sign Type: Fixed
Element: Air
Human Name: Emil
Dates: Jan 20 - Feb 18 (Feb 16 - Mar 11)

Note: XD Aquarius looks more like a water sign due to his association with water, especially in mythology where he was once a servant .3. That is hard to picture cuz this guy is known to be rebellious, actually that bade him into the god of rain (that's partially why he is manipulating water) XD for those wondering af his legend, search Ganymede, that was his original name.
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