Burn Baby Burn Picture

Here's another character from my story, he's part of the trio at the very beginning of the story. Well not at the very beginning, but he tags along for the adventure. This is Nick, which is where the Nick (and to a lesser extent Deryck) that you all know came from. He's definitely immature, he kind of has the 'frat boy' mindset. Completely opposite of the other Nick (he was just altered so I could bring in Deryck...who also has a counter part that I'll draw eventually but he doesn't come in until much later). He's a bit older than Alex (16) and Dianna (14-15), around 21 years old. His element is fire, he opts not to manipulate it into a weapon, whereas Dianna choose to bend her light into a bow and arrow. But on the rare occasion that he does, he might choose something like an axe.
He also has a younger sister that's gone missing, and that path that he took to find her is what leads him to Alex and Dianna. The symbol on his forehead is a variation of the planetary symbol of Mars, though I try to stay away from those due to the fact that those seem to tie into Roman mythology.

Nick belongs to me.

As for whom he looks like, Zach Roerig. [link]
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