Athena Character Developement Sheet II Picture

Drawn entirely with black ballpoint pen & ink on 6.25"X 9" inch(15.7X 22.7cm) sheet of cardboard.

Yeah, this one took waayy longer than it should have to complete. I had a few things come up during the completion of this piece such as overcoming my minor medical complication and depression as a result while I was in the midst of trying to draw up all of the lineart to this which made it hard for me to find motivation to finish this; but needless to say, I've done just that.

1.) Athena and Nike acting silly, being themselves.

2.) *BAD ASS* This was kind of a pose that I was trying to envision when someone jumps down when they're on the verge of landing an attack "video game style". This pose in of itself posed quite a few challenges to overcome, but needless to say Athena came out looking pretty good, I had to include her owl companion to add to the dynamics of this one scene. That shield...

3.) "Aw, such a loyal feathered companion," something I'd imagine Athena saying to her owl. I liked drawing this one, it came out really well.

4.) Most challenging scene to draw. All of those characters interacting together in one frame, it was a challenge for me. In Greek mythology Athena and Ares often butted heads, Athena not taking a liking to Ares' threatening posture of grabbing his sword. I'd also imagine that Nike being one of Athena's closest friends and allies not being too far away to help Athena "defuse" the situation between her and her impudent older half-brother. Along with the "surprised expression" on Ares' face that it would add to the humor to add some text dialog. Both Athena and Nike came out really good in this frame. Also note this is my first time ever depicting Ares in my art, I have no other or previous concept art for him, needless to say that I am pretty impressed with how well his armor came out even though I kind of threw the design together in a whelm, and "that expression" on his face is absolutely priceless. I might consider revising him later on and possibly redesigning his armor, but right now I actually have great appreciation for the rams and the ram horns decorations that embody his plate armor.

Well that's pretty much it.

"Parthenos" and all associated character designs and insignia © 2016 By: Deorse (Steve Waller)
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