[Heavenly Anthros] Ceres Picture

Ceres is a dwarf planet and the largest object in the asteroid belt that is located between Mars and Jupiter. As Ceres was the goddess of agriculture, it only mare sense for it to be represented by a cockatrice.

She wields twin sickles, which were farmers tools for cutting grain before being converted into weapons.

The “Heavenly Anthros” series is going to be an ongoing series of adoptables based on celestial objects in space. It is meant to combine my two biggest passions, mythological creatures and space. The series will be starting out as a weekly thing where I will be drawing an anthro for the main objects in our own solar system (The Sol System). After this has been completed, then I will make anthros for other objects found outside of our own system (Black holes, nebulae, etc), but these will be random and will be made “whenever the hell I feel like it” because I’m planning on jumping immediately into another weekly series after I’m done with the sol system.

A few things to note about the series…
- All adoptables in this series will be mythological creatures… there will be plenty of dragons and gryphons, but I also plan on adding in some more obscure and rare creatures in there as well.
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