Hall of Vallhalla Picture

...Where the brave may live forever...


Yep, I wasn't supposed to do this today. At all. The finished lineart has been sitting patiently since last summer, and suddenly, tonight, I just did everything else. Heck knows what possessed me.

There's a bit of a story behind this...I think I mentioned it to just one person (she may remember). It's a pair of characters I've thought of bringing to life for a while, but they're not for role play, or for a story, really. They just sort of...exist.

The horse
Name: Valkyrie
Nick names: Keery, Óskmey [Wish Girl], Óski [Wish Fullfiller]
Age: ...Yeah, we don't know
Height: 15 hands
Colour: Grulla
Genotype: Ee/aa/nD
Breed: Arabianx
Notes: Highly sensitive on a physical and emotional level. She can sense a bad or good vibe a mile away and what she feels greatly influences her behaviour - sometimes she's docile and sweet, other times the opposite.

The girl
Name: Freyja
Nick names: Eyja
Age:...haha, no idea
Height: 5'3"
Ethnicity: Mixed race. medium toned skin and dark hair/eyes.
Notes: She's quiet, likes books and music and weapons and also happens to be a gifted empath, though she can sometimes sense things other than emotion, so its possible she's mildly psychic, too.

Note that the story below isn't actually the wold/reality they originally existed as a part of. Freyja and Valkyrie live in the mortal world in my mind, but I really just felt like writing something...other.

Also note that I haven't extensively studied Norse mythology, or that of Valhalla, so this really is my own interpretation/take on things
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