Uriel - Goa'uld System Lord Picture

A concept design of my OC Uriel Ultanos as the host of a Goa'uld system lord.

Originally to be part of a larger ensemble piece, time constraints made me upload this thing early and on it's own. The concept itself started from fav.me/d5hzf0u where it was fanart. Well I had another go. So here he is with Jaffa symbol (based on the Roman serpent Draco), Kara'kesh and Zat'nik'tel.

The one thing I loved about this piece compared to the other one? The eyes. Looking into them all glowy like that gives me utter chills. Overall I think this came out well, there's a few really good bits for me (the zat gun) and a few mediocre bits but that's art, I can always improve for next time.

Edit: After doing some research, the symbiont would likely take on the role of either Mars or possibly Athena. The Goa'uld aren't picky when it comes to masquerading; all system lord symbionts were male but there have been several notable female hosts such as those of Hathor, Osiris, Bastet and Kali. While there is an Ares in Stargate Canon, in mythology Mars and Ares were somewhat different (Mars preferred meaningful conquest for instance while Ares was happy with any kind of violence).

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