The Siren's Song Picture

le 9 mars 2009
Done in permanent marker (fine and ultrafine point).
For: *DateMe's March contest (Obscure!Pairings/To a Different Beat). Pairing featured is SuigetsuHinata.

Initially, I wanted to exploit Suigetsu's water element by making the two of them merpeople (ie, something like this), but I couldn't figure out how to incorporate the musical element. Thus, I changed tracks a little and decided upon making Hinata a siren (bird-women who lure sailors to their flowery island with their beautiful singing voices) from Greek Mythology instead ^^ Most people think of them as basically mermaids, too, but they're actually described as being human females with the characteristics of birds. The actual details about this bird to human ratio are kinda sketchy (some describe them as having wings, others think they've got bird heads and female bodies, still others believe that their hands are like bird talons), so I went with a more...erm, idealized concept (no claws or bird heads for our Hina-chan!).

Btw, I couldn't figure out how to make them both mermaids AND musical, but ~Samantai pulled it off beautifully in her entry Underwater Ballet.

I kinda wish that you could see Suigetsu better (he's down there in the lower left if you haven't spotted him yet
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