MM Uranus and Neptune Reshaded Picture

Following on from [link] , more reshades of the Mythology Modernised goddesses. Based on one of

URANUS AND NEPTUNE - Ice, Mind, Mystery
"Don't even think about a Sailor Moon reference

These were quite tricky. First of all, they hadn't even been discovered in ancient times, being found in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries respectively. So the names they got (Sky and sea gods respectively) worked quite well anyway. They're also remarkably similar, so picking out individual personalities would be hard.

I then hit on the idea of using their similarity as a plus point by portraying them as twins. No, they are not lesbians, hence the Sailor Moon reference (I don't watch the show myself, but I have a friend who does and he's explained the daftness of the characters to me), but they are very close to the extent that they are effectively one mind in two bodies. Mind was therefore a throwaway link to the mythological psychic properties of twins. Ice is fairly obvious, it's getting pretty cold out there, and they're also still pretty mysterious considering the only way we can detect them is by telescopes.

The two planets are very similar, but there are a few differences: Neptune has wilder winds, has a slightly larger mass and has the interesting distinction of fission reactions occurring in its core (Jupiter also has these). Uranus has a slightly larger diameter and, interestingly, spins on its side. So Neptune can be thought of as a bit more forceful and perhaps a little protective of her twin, while Uranus is gentler and subtler. Does Neptune dominate Uranus, or can Uranus wrap Neptune round her little finger? It's a fairly moot point, as they always think and act as one.

In the struggle for planetary dominance, Uranus and Neptune's agendas remain fairly hidden compared with their fellows, and their double powers make the others wary: although individually they are no stronger than Mars or Mercury, as a combination they are up their with Jupiter and Venus. They are useful allies and challenging enemies, but you can never say which they are at any given moment.
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