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So, this is the character I designed for the book series "The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel" and Scathach, the immortal warrior of Irish myth, who is one of the main characters in the series. I don't want to call my character an oc/fc, because I didn't create her, just designed this version of her. Most of the characters in the book series are either historical people or mythological beings, so I can't claim that I actually invented this character. She's Eris, from Greek mythology.

Some of you are probably like "Eris and Scathach are related?!" and my answer is "In this universe, yes.". Eris is Scathach's great aunt. I'm not actually making this relationship up. In the book, it is revealed that Bastet, the Egyptian Cat Goddess, is Scathach's great aunt, and that Bastet's younger brother is Mars Ultor, also known as Ares (Greek), Mars (Roman), and Horus (Egyptian). It is also stated that Eris is Mars Ultors twin sister, ergo Eris is Scathach's great aunt. Why does Ares go by Mars Ultor? Now, I've forgotten why the "Ultor" part, but he goes by Mars because his role as Mars in Roman mythology was greater than his roles as Ares and Horus, as the Romans associated him with the planet Mars and the Harvest, as well as his usual role as the god of War. It is also revealed in the books that Mars Ultor was married to Scathach's Grandmother, i.e. the Witch of Endor, who is responsible for having sealed Mars Ultor in a living tomb of his own magical aura.

Every magical being has a magical aura and a smell that accompanies the use of this aura in order to preform magical abilities. Pure colors are rare. Two of the main characters have pure gold and pure silver auras. Scathach here has a dark grey aura, but as she is incapable of using it we have no idea what her scent is. Mars Ultor's is a bruise red color and his scent is that of burnt meat. Since there are many mentions of others with Gold auras, I've made the executive decision that Eris can have a gold one as well, and that her scent is that of golden delicious apples. BECAUSE I CAN!

I've decided that Eris went with the name Eris as opposed to Discordia because she thought Eris was prettier than Discordia. She was also known as Enyo in some Greek stories, and Bellona in Roman ones. She was also known as Nephthys in Ancient Egypt, back when she was married to Anubis (she claims that this was before Anubis was a dark elder). Eris never became a dark elder (whose goal is to take back the Earth from humans, because they are destroying the world) because according to her, she loves humans. Not only are they highly entertaining but they are scrappy little survivors whose single-minded determination to live and make the most of their incredibly short time on this planet is admirable.

Wow, that was longer than I thought. And I didn't even get to her relationship with Scathach! Though, this pic effectively covers most of it... Cookie to whoever reads this

Eris = Ancient Greeks.
Scathach = Ancient Celts.
The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel = Micheal Scott
Scathach's Pose = FVSJ
Eris's Pose = Me.
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