Mundus Magicus Picture

This is a hand-traced map of the Mundus Magicus from Negima! Magister Negi Magi.

This is probably a work in progress, because we are still in the middle of an arc exploring this world. The places mentioned on the map have been either mentioned by characters, or shown on background maps in the manga.

It's pretty obvious that the Magic World is a Mars. The basis of MW is a topographical map of Mars turned upside down, and with two continents added in Elysium Planitia and the south-pole-Vastitas region.

We have been introduced to Argyre, Bosporus and Tempe Terra only by name, so I had to do some guess-work. I put Argyre on the western side of the 'sea' (which is also Argyre), because the simplest Argyre is an albedo at the spot, and because Bosporus lies on the south-western shore.

Sabrina (Sabureina) in southern Elysium is strange, because there is a Sabrina Valley on Mars - but on the other side of the planet from Elysium. Oh well.

The cities Ostia and Megalo-Mesembria are not named after any places on Mars, but ancient Mediterranean cities.

EDIT: A couple of edits later, changed to a bit more legible font, and added some traces of the beasts shown in the manga to fill it up.

EDIT: Added some speculative place-names, which include all the seas and oceans, and all land names except for Elysium, Cerberus Forest, Argyre, Bosphorus, Tempe Terra, Sabrina and the names of the cities.


Chapter 201 had quite a bit of geography.
* are certain, ? uncertain:
*Ariadne(s), ?[Si]ren(i)um, *Zephyria, -rontopolis, *Moeris, *Antigone, Al-Jamila, ??Elfenhaft, Nyandoma, ??Varkan, *Eos, *Tristan, *Orestes, *Klymanestra, **Tempe (this was already noted as Tempe Terra on the older version of the map, where Yuuna and Makie are - Tempe is probably a city name, and Tempe Terra is the area. Both have been mentioned in the manga, iirc), Tantalus, and a dot for the two kanjied places (the southern continent seems to be the Far Eastern continent), and a dot for the place that ends in -s in the east (but is mostly covered with a speech-bubble.

The speculative name-places that are totally guess-work are lighter now - the canon place-names are bolder.

EDIT: Kanjied names added, rendered here as Tougen and Vairocana /vairotʃana/, Taoist and Buddhistic concepts respectivelly.

Also, here are belated props:

Thanks to the Aquastar Scanlation team for the first translations of place-names on the map. The second I had some help from Wolfii on #aquastar-anime, and Hata helped with the kanjied names.


and Varukan is of course Vulcan.

NEW STUFF (not yet actually added):

Chapter 207 has some new stuff:

-rontopolis is Brontopolis - Thundercity
Elysium also has a new city - Cephissus
Mystery-city in the up-right corner is Phoenicus
The big chasm-canyon seems to be called after the Noctis Labyrinthus on Mars, the only thing named after a place on Mars this time. In general, areas seem to be named after place-names on Mars, while cities are classical cities, rivers, mythological figures and so forth (though of course there're the cities near Granicus that are named after features on Mars, etc.)

I don't actually have the most up-to-date files at hand right now, so I'll add these in a week or so.
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