Personified Planets Picture

be prepared for terrible grammer, spelling and just general misuse of words. I'm copying all of the descriptions from my facebook posts i made of them so yeah.
So umm yeah, once I had a dream where the planets were personified and were kinda viewed as gods or whatever. Soooo that made me want to draw the planets all as people.
idk in my dream they all are in different places in the world at different times and their appearance is a culture/whatever truly interested them or they don't care at all. but anyways they all pick a virgin to live with them forevers and forevers and to fall in love or eternally hate each each other or whatever the kids do these days.
so um yeah this is the moon, he's chinese kinda around the late 19th century-early 20th century-ish. but umm yeah he loves rabbits(chinese moon rabbit myth) and pearls(huge chinese export) but yeah he goes to a small village and there's this huge festival and yayyyy he picks this guy even tho every one thought he was gonna pick the guy's sister(drama?!?!) and they live forever together in this mansion under a giant hill.
TLDR; this chinese guy is the moon and gets a virgin yayyy
oh hey look its the sun. shes more or less inspired by many different african tribes, she thought they dressed so pretty so yeah.
she loves animals and has exotic killer pets(lions,etc)...some not so killer (many giraffes). but yeah she didn't really care about the whole win a free virgin thing and just kind of flounced around like nobody's business until this strapping young man came around and announced his love for her and shes all like ughhh whateves prove yourself and i'll choose you and long story short he did and yayy together forevers
mercury didn't really care how he looked or even cared about the whole god/virgin thing mainly because he thought no one could possibly love him so he got in fights etc etc whatever so he had many scars(mercury is a very uneven planet)
oh yeah also he never talked he wasnt really good at speaking his words he's a really good writer though...
but once strolling around in the ghetto or whatever he saw a girl in danger(she was doing all right fighting wise but there were like 5 scary guys with weapons so yeah) so he went all around like nope not today mofo and kicked all their butts and whoooo fell in love with the girly as she did him and since he doesnt talk writes her love letters everyday(mercury, a.k.a hermes is a messenger god) so yeah happily ever after
oh hey look its venus during the victorian era in england
so mythology wise hes the god of love, beauty, sex, etc so yeah
he made a big show about choosing his virgin and decided that either of two indian twins(there were in england because their father sailed a ship for trading) but they didn't wanna separate so they ended up both being with him and that was pretty much his plan all along because he's kind of a rebel and likes to find loopholes and bend the rules
its earth!!!
he's inspired by Indian princes mainly because the Indians have a bunch of spiritual earth stuff that i'm too lazy to explain, anyway, he pretty much find a princess who he thought was beautiful and lived in her palace but she was selfish and unkind so he ends up falling in love with her servant girl instead, but the princess finds out and freaks and tries to poison her and it almost works but he kinda kisses the poison out of her(he's like a god it totally makes sense okay) but idk apparently it was hardcore poison because he grows weak and the princess stabs him instead for breaking her heart but ahhh love conquers all and magic-ish stuff happens and he gets to be with the servant girl forever yayy
kay so Mars's time period is around WW2 and she was hiding in the German army trying to take it down from the inside because she wasn't cool with others trying to control millions of lives unless they were a god or whatever
anyway she ended getting a pretty high ranking and started getting over run with power and going super crazy but eventually she met a young German solider who was forced into the army and was scared and stuff and she remembered her true purpose and stopped all her power-crazy crap
she ended up comforting the solider and falling in love and stopped caring about what humans did forever as long as she was with him
kay so jupiters around medevil kind of period and she joined a resistance team against monarch tyranny. anyway since she's jupiter she has lighting bolt shaped arrows(kinda arrows but cooler looking) because jupiter was more or less 'Zeus' in mythology. Anyway she was on a mission to kill a prince whom everyone thought was evil and was gonna make the whole country worse then his father had but he was really pretending so his father would allow him to take over the throne. so yeah she fell in love with the prince and they rebelled against tyranny together yayyy.
okay so this is saturn (who was actually the first planet i dreamed about)
so the time and place is edo period japan and he saw the samurai and thought they looked super neat so he just kinda wears that because he thinks its extravagant and super cool and whatever even though he has like no samurai skills whatsoever
he also wears a bunch of rings because you know...he's saturn lol
so every year he would hold a festival to find his virgin and he would pick one but he made them go though a labyrinth of sorts to get to him with limited time while poison gas(saturn is a giant gas planet) slowly kills them but he has the antidote so if you got to him you are the one he choose forever and you get to live. so he did this every year and everyone would die so one year this village boy tried and he was literally around the corner from saturn when he ran out of time so saturn took pity on him and gave him the antidote anyway and they ended up being together 5ever
uranus! kay so uranus is more or less androgynous and doesnt really care about gender roles. urnaus is an 'ice giant' planet so yeah uranus is more or less inuit or at least based on that.
kay so inuits were kinda big on gender roles so he found his true love and she was super tough while urnaus wasn't as much so they kinda switched up the gender roles like she did the hunting while he did like "household stuff" at the time. and they lived together superrr happy and junk idk they kinda met typically and didnt have super big drama about that or anything lol but yeah i really like uranus he's a nice guy
so kay neptune is a god of the sea in mythology so yeah
so neptune fell in love with a man in the navy during ww2 and he loved her back but he needed to finish his duty to protect the people first so she waited for him even if they had to be apart for while
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