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Like I promised, here's a bunch of sketches I did while on vacation. They're mostly crap, but I don't have anything better to post
Analyzing this bit by bit, we have:

- On the top left, a drawing based on 30 Seconds to Mars video, "The Kill". It's a pretty cool video based on The Shining, and I like the song too, but I liked this band so much better before every little darn kid was going around singing their songs.

- Top right is a character I drew as a private joke with some friends, we called him The Jolly because of a deck of cards we played with. The cards were based on Greek Mythology, and the joker card was Bachus and was called The Jolly, and it was a really ugly card. One thing you should know is we play every sort of game in teams, and our opposing team decided to start calling my team The Jollys. Of course I made a cool looking Jolly so they could eat their words.

- Back on the left side, we have the two Winchester brothers, from the show Supernatural. The show isn't that good, but whenever it's on, I watch it. It's not too difficult to find out why
- Next, a drawing based on Nada Surf's song, "Popular". Those are some of the lyrics too.

- Next, two of my good friends who were on vacations with me. They're pretty cool guys, although a big maddeningly obsessed with sports
- Bottom left, Cyclops.

- Next, Wolverine, pose based on his Victory pose from one of the Marvel Vs. Capcom games.

- Bottom right, that dude from the show Las Vegas. I should confess I never watched it, but hey, I wanted to draw something and that was on T.V., so I gave it a shot.

Hope this at least entertains you
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