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Some Frazel fluff because they're my OTP :3

I kinda envisioned this taking place after Frank was put to the task to fix Triptolemus's chariot, if he failed Hazel (his love interest obviously) would die. He needed a snake, so in order to do that he had to prove himself to his father (Mars:god of war) by killing the herd of Katoblepones in Rome. (Triptolemus uses snakes in his chariot...mythology is awesome but weird xD)

Anyway after he slaughters all of the Katoblepones (they weren't good guys but still) He is filled with horror at himself:

"He couldn't believe what he'd just done. The terror started to catch up to him. He felt like sobbing, but he guessed that would not be a good idea in front of Mars."- House of Hades pg. 151

He also goes through a bit of a transformation. he grows from pudgy sweet ol' Frank, to tall, muscular, bad ass Frank.

"Instantly, she shuddered and sat up, coughing. Her eyes flew open, The greenish tint in her skin disappeared.
She looked around, bewildered, until she saw Frank. "What-"
Frank tackled her in a hug. "You're going to be fine," He said fiercely. "Everything is fine."
"But..." Hazel gripped his shoulders and stared at him in amazement. "Frank, what happened to you?"
"To me?" He stood, suddenly self-conscious. "I don't..."
He looked down and realized what she meant. Triptolemus hadn't gotten shorter. Frank was taller. His gut had shrunk. His chest seemed bulkier.
Frank had had growth spurts before. Once he'd woken up two centimeters taller than when he'd gone to sleep. But this was nuts. It was as if some of the dragon and lion had stayed with him when he'd turned back to human.
"Uh...I don't....Maybe I can fix it."
Hazel laughed with delight. "Why? You look amazing!"
"I-I do?"
"I mean, you were handsome before! But you look older, and taller, and so distinguished-" Rick Riordan pg. 154-155

I just love that part!

Anyway I imagine they go back to the Argo ll and's a small story I wrote :3

Once my feet were once again on the Argo ll I breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed my new muscles. The horror of what I had just done had sent an icy chill through my heart and I felt my vision blur. Without dismissing myself I headed to my cabin in silence. I didn't notice Hazel's concerned gaze on my retreating figure.

I sat heavily on my cot and buried my face in my hands. What I did had to be done. Yet I still felt a cold sadness in my chest as I pictured the eyes of each and every Katablepones as I mercilessly slaughtered it. "I had to. Hazel would be dead and Nico would still be a corn stalk if I hadn't." I spoke softly. But it failed to melt the chill.

*knock knock* "Frank?" Hazel peeked in the doorway. Ignoring her usual manners Hazel walked into my room. "Frank, are you alright?" She asked standing in front of me.

"I did a terrible thing Hazel..." I breathed meeting her golden gaze with my dark one. "I many died, I-I" I couldn't finish my sentence before the weeping started.
"I'm so sorry Frank." Hazel whispered before embracing me. She held my head and stroked my hair as I sobbed into her shirt.

for minutes she embraced me and slowly the chill in my chest began to thaw and heat up. Before too long I raised my head up and sighed. "Thank you Hazel. You really are the best." I smiled wanly at her.
She sat next to me and rubbed a few of her own tears from her cheek. She didn't say anything just smiled knowingly and rested her head on my shoulder.
It was amazing how simply having Hazel on my shoulder could thaw my chilled heart.

Frank, Hazel, and passages from House of Hades © Rick Riordan

Drawing and small fanfic ©
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