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Lol gaiz don't kill me for making more OCs I couldn't help it blaghhhhhh

> Be the shy girl.

Are you stupid? She’s already herself.

> …Be the shy girl.

Listen here, asshole, didn’t you hear it right the first time?

> …please be the shy girl?

That’s more like it.

Your name is EMMA MCGEARY. As mentioned, you’re a SHY kind of person, but that doesn’t exactly mean you’re NICE. In fact, you’re SCATHINGLY SARCASTIC and kind of a HUGE PERVERT. You get it from your MOM. You also got that PINK SHIRT from her, even though you’re a bigger fan of RED. You wouldn’t wear it, though- that prick DAVE STRIDER wears red too much, and you don’t want to look like you’re COPYING him.

Speaking of DAVE, he’s been your enemy for years. You’ve known him since you were both BABIES. Even then, you HATED his guts.

Wow. Even thinking about him makes your stomach tie in knots IMPRESSIVE ANGER flare up. You’ve been known to FUCK PEOPLE UP when you’re mad, which is why your MOM rarely lets you leave the house, except for your BASEBALL GAMES.

Ah, BASEBALL. Next to BAKING, FIGHTING, and MAKING SEX JOKES, it’s one of your favorite hobbies. You play on a team with ALL GUYS, so you’re pretty much FRIENDZONED by all of them. It doesn’t matter. You’re NOT INTERESTED in guys unless they’re Dave anyways.

MYTHOLOGY is something you’re more interested in, specifically ANCIENT ROMAN mythology. You like the God MARS because he’s the God of war- and you give the dude mad props for that. That’s why you wear his SYMBOL on your shirt. His name is also included in your Chumhandle: fightingMartian.

Speaking of that, you’re on Pesterchum right now. You keep getting TROLLED, but you actually think it’s FUNNY. One guy in particular is pretty AWESOME. His handle is misterRoboto.

>Be misterRoboto.

Hey, didn’t you learn anything for earlier?



>…I’ll be your best friend.


You are now misterRoboto, aka TRITON VORHES. You are currently inside your hive, a nice cave in the land of MINING and MECHANICS. They happen to be your two biggest interests- just like your ancestor! At least, that’s what your LUSUS tells you. He’s a huge ass GRIZZLY BEAR that you fondly call PAPA BEAR. He stays in the cave with you for most of the time. It’s not like you go anywhere else.

You’re an OLIVE-BLOODED troll, but that hardly matters to you. You could give a rats ass about the hemospectrum. You do like the color green, though. When your Lusus tore your arm off and broke your horn during a roughhousing session, you made a whole NEW ARM for yourself with green metal. You’re a fantastic MECHANIC, if you do say so yourself. You rarely leave your hive because you’re either BUILDING AWESOME SHIT or mining for PRECIOUS MINERALS. You used to use your PICKAXE as a weapon, but after you built your new arm, you added some BADASS WEAPONGRY to it, like spikes that come out of your knuckle plate. The arm itself can be powered by those precious minerals you mine, so you rarely see profit from selling them, and instead use them for yourself. Oh well. You’re bored now.

What will you do?

>Troll the fucking hell out of Emma.

You’re already doing that.

Oh shit. She just called you ‘robozo’. You gonna take that?

>No. Troll her more.

You’re not really getting far.

tl;dr version


Name: Emma McGeary
Age: 13 Earth years
Chumhandle: fightingMartian
Appearance Description: Short, strong, pale, slightly muscular.
Personality Description: Pretty shy at first, abrasive and rude to people she dislikes, foul-mouthed, perverted, quick thinker, witty, strategic.
Interests: Mythology, the god Mars, Baseball, picking fights with people, techno music/dubstep.
Fetch Modus: Baseball Diamond.
Strife Specibus: Batkind. (Baseball bat)

Dave Strider- Love interest

Triton Vorhes- Friend(?)


Name: Triton Vorhes
Age: 6 sweeps
Trollian Handle: misterRoboto
Symbol: Two crossed picks to represent his mining infatuation.
Blood: Olive.
Fetch Modus: Riddle
Strife Specibus: Pickaxe (former), Robotic arm.
Typing Quirk: Replaces ‘t’ with ‘7’ and uses ‘:], :[ ’ as emoticons.


mR: you’re s7upid, you know 7ha7? I ough7 7o jus7 fucking murder you, 7trash >:[


Matesprit- (Doesn’t have one)

Moirail- Emma McGeary (after they meet)

Auspistice- (Doesn’t have one)

Kismesis- (Doesn’t have one)

Well, if anyone wants to fill a quadrant, feel free P:
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