RWBY OC - Team MARS - River Styx Picture

A prototype design for a new RWBY character I'm making.

River here is part of Team MARS, a team training at Beacon Academy. River's color is a dull, dead-looking blue-gray, and her eyes share this color. River Styx is named after the most famous of the rivers of the Underworld, and is based off of the ferryman of this river, Charon.

River is cold, and doesn't work well with others. It wouldn't seem oit of character for her to give little reaction to wounding a teammate collaterally in battle. This behavior of hers is a major obstacle in her team.

River's weapon is a Glaive named Cocytus, another river of the Underworld. In addition, the weapon bears a slight resemblance to an oar.

Interestingly, in mythology, Charon is said to be the son of Nyx, the goddess of the night, whom Hollow is named after... heh...
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