Cyborg Griffin Riders from Mars 2 Picture

Okay! First major drawing for 2017! I need something optimistic and happy for the new year! Few things make me happier than my girlfriend, science fiction, mythological creatures, and cranking all of that up to eleven. Why not combine them? I have another picture in my gallery entitled "Cyborg Griffin Riders from Mars," which came about from listening to too much heavy metal and missing the deadline for a griffin themed contest here on Deviant Art. Why not make a sequel piece with my sweetheart as the astronaut Amazon babe? Better crank up the Scorpions and Rob Zombie and get to work. If you're wondering about the dates it's because I started the picture, then my day job and schedule got in the way for a few weeks, and I finally finished it tonight. You know how it is. Anyway, I love you babe. Here's a link to her DA page so she can get some followers:
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