Minicon Oc Mars Picture


• Name: Mars
• Nicknames: Mar
• Gender: mech
• Sexuality: Straight
• Age: 17
• Creation day: 8 April ,2016
• Function: Policeman
• Rank: Rookie/Private /scouter
• Faction: Autobot
• Optics color: sky blue
• Armor color(s):
electric turquoise , blue , light blue and white
• Alt mode: (( coming soon))
• Height: 2m
• Weight: ??
• Current location: Earth
• Weapon of choice: Energon Blasters
• Other weapons: bombs
• Personality: he’s a person to make the others happy . When become angry try to relax. He’s never forgot .Love to sleep and watch Diana draw . He’s try to make the other due to something to fear . Never hit someone .He’s not for the persons to laugh with others only with himself .Feel horrible when make someone cry.

• Likes:
- Play with friends
-Take care others
-Help persons to need help
-Books and free time
-Art and music

• Dislikes:
- Decepticon
-to be alone
- Not being useful
- cold places
- pain and fear

• Sub-group:
Team Prime , Team Harmony ( my ocs team X3)

• Combat style:
- He’s never hide for hour , just for 15 mimute (maximum ) , after shot .
-He doesn’t run , but jump and try to hit the enemy.

• Partner(s): Satellite , Speedfire , Remix , Mercedes and Diana

• Abilities/Skill:
- He can run really fast
-He’s have good sign
-He know much things about bombs and how disarm bombs and the enemy
-He goo in math , geography and geometry

• Weaknesses:
- His family and friends
- He’s can jump high
-To catch high things


• Backstory:
- Childhood:
Mars for a little boy love nature and games. He’s feel alone because his never have brothers. When go school he’s be really good on maths , geometry and geography . He like to travel and meet new persons.

-Job and friends:
Mars start to be a policeman in office , but after his training go to watch Iacon Library. One day like always see a little minicon to try to found the Library . After to help her become really good friends. Satellite and Mars made really cool and funny things together. He’s have for help Diana. He’s know her because help him one day to go on Library , because his don’t know.With Mercedes and Speedfire become like brothers and do parties together. Remix love so much Mars because he’s cute and Mars always run with her in races.

-War and Earth:
Mars want to go on war , to help the persons who need it. With big successful help much peoples and give them freedom for Decepticons hands.Mars was really unlucky and meet Blueberry .Follow the Satellite in Earth. But there his feel high , because he is.But that make him to try to help them more.

• Relationships:

- Creators: haven't found yet
- Carrier: Speedfire
- God-carrier: Diana Prime
- Sisters: Remix , Satellite
- Friends: Mercedes


• Stars:
Strength: 6/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Speed: 9/10
Rank: 4/10
Courage: 9/10
Firepower: 6/10
Skill: 9/10


• Quotes:
- Hello
- Hey! Be careful! You aren’t alone
-Really now??
-Excuse me , but I’m not crazy .
-Wow , you are so high.
-I’m happy to see you again.
-Isn’t funny.

• Moto: The high doesn’t mean nothing , your heart and your mind is that you need in life!

• Trivia:
- He’s love the night sky
-He like to play in rain
-After the battle , always sleep
-He’s hate insects and never touch them
-When listen Opera wanna die

• Fun facts:
- Mars is a planet on Solar System
-Mars is the god of war in Greek and Roman mythology .

Mars , Speedfire , Diana , Mercedes , Satellite , Remix and Art by Me

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