Pretty Guardian Sailor Mars Picture


Real Name: Rei Hino
Element of Influence: Fire
Birthday: April 17
Astrological Sign: Aries
Height: 5'3"
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Fortune Telling, Reading Manga
Favourite Colour: Red, Black
Favourite Gemstone: Ruby
Favourite Food: Fugu
Least Favourite Food: Asparagus
Favourite School Subject: Ancient Literature
Least Favourite School Subject: Modern Social Studies
Strengths: Meditation, the Supernatural
Weaknesses: Bad Temper, Television

"Rei Hino is the reincarnation of the Princess of Mars, and transforms into the fiery guardian Sailor Mars. She is a stubborn and short-tempered miko, skilled in martial arts combat and meditation techniques. She attends T-A Private Girls' School, where she is very popular and well-liked. She lives with her lecherous grandfather and his apprentice Yuuichirou, who cares deeply for Rei. Rei has a massive manga collection, is an accomplished singer/songwriter, and a talented skier."*

I absolutely adore Sailor Mars. I cite her, along with Sailor Venus, as my favourite of the Sailor Guardians. She's tough, she's sassy and she's got a heart of gold. From the manga to the anime to the musicals to the live-action, I've loved each and every incarnation of the character and have enjoyed the different takes on her personality. Whether it's the elegant Rei Hino from the manga or the mean girl from the anime, there's something I find really relatable about her. I do think she's slightly misunderstood by fans, particularly when she's cited as being a one-dimensional bitch. I love her catty side, but there's also a warmth to her in the anime and this is especially seen through her relationship with Usagi. Obviously, other incarnations paint her differently. I'm fascinated by the dynamic she has with Sailor Venus in the manga and live-action, particularly due to how it references their mythological origins (Venus and Mars - AKA Aphrodite and Ares - were lovers in Roman and Greek mythology). The musicals also give her some pretty badass songs to sing.

If you'd like to see me draw more Sailor Moon art, please leave a comment below letting me know what you think about Sailor Mars and this artwork.


*NOTE: profile information and biography excerpt are sourced from The Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book written by Mark C. MacKinnon, published by Guardians of Order.

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