Ancient Astronaut Picture

Yes, I liked Ancient Alines -it was totally stupid, (and funny) but it is a good idea for sci-fi novels/ games ec. Not for real life.

Anyway, here we have Ah-ertz (Ares) military officer on Oly-n-us (Olyphus) mothership. I wanted to give totally celestial feel, so I gave him star spangled body suit, and gold, half transparent armour parts.

And about the ship - it is made from force shield (like Drej ships in "Titan. A.E." movie)

But to add more mythological theme, I make constellation's lines on outfit and walls. Also, the holografic panel he is watching have some symbols from ancient cyvilizations. Anyway, I hope you will like it, and please do not kill me for my English : C

PS: Have you notice the visor on his helmet resembles the symbol od Mars from Roman Mythology?
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