Solar owls Mars Picture

Ninox strenua - Powerful owl

Mars- The Soldier , The Aspiration, The aggression

a odd owl and yep it is a owl, the powerful owl is part of the family called the southern hawk owls...kinda obvious where that name comes from. the powerful owl was obvious for this solar owl as it is a very large strong with that beautiful hawk look to them. This one took the longest to design and the quickest to paint.

in the image
-Ram - The ram is the symbol of aries. aries is the symbol of mars and is known for being the symbol of the beginning and the end

-Iron- iron is a symbol of mars

-Poppy - the poppy is known as the flower of remembrance and the flower of war. this started in late 1914, the fields of Northern France and Flanders became the scene of stupendous disturbances and Red Poppys soon appeared on the fields. This is due to poppy seeds remaining dormant in the soil (sometimes for years) but can start growing when the soil is moved.
The poem flanders field is now of the most well known war poem [link]

- Woodpeckers- In roman mythology the woodpecker is a scared animal and is one of the servants of mars

-Woodpeckers- The woodpeckers have 2 meanings in this picture. Mars has two asteroids around it which are described as captured asteroids. They are called phobos and Deimos. the woodpeckers are also symbols of them

-redsky- in england there is a old poem Red sky at night; shepherds delight, Red sky in the morning; shepherds warning a old poem which means that whenever there is a really red dawn some tragedy will happen

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