The Letoids in wolf's skin Picture

According to some myths, the pregnant goddess Leto fled from Hera's wrath in guise of a she-wolf. And Lycia, in nowadays Turkey, also claimed to be the birthplace of Leto's son Apollon, who was called 'Lykeios' (Latin: 'Lyceus'). In Lycia Leto was the tutelary goddess and called 'Eni Mahhaani' ('Mother of the gods'). She and her divine children Artemis and Apollon were worshipped in the Letoon.

When Typhon hunted the Olympian gods to Egypt, the Letoids take different shapes: Apollon as a crowd or a hawk(Horus), Artemis as a cat (Bastet) and Leto as a screw mouse (Buto/Wadjet). But well, Artemis and Apollon are twins, so it seemed more logical to me they would be the same animal.

Leto's dress's based on a drawing from an Lycian princess.
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