Chimaera Picture

"The She-Goat", as its name truly means, child of Echidna, terror of Lycia, the impossibility. She unified the head of a lion, the filthy body of a goat, and the tail of a serpent while vomiting deadly flame. No other mythological creature has been more abused than the Chimera. Due to the lack of understanding in most old world types (or poorly drawn wings as some scholars speculate), the Chimera was given three heads in almost any visual depictions. As if that was not bad enough, the lion head would have a mane despite it being clearly always advertised as female! The Chimera became so well known (for its unlikelihood in existence), that its name became synonymous with several other concepts and relations, including blatant lies. So, here's my tribute to the true Chimera... less the wings, which it may or may not have had. I think not, personally. Additionally, horns and a beard are not mentioned in the tales either, but I still slap them on just to keep things interesting. "Shake things up" interesting, not "Three heads what the hell?" interesting.

Anyhoo, this picture was made as an addition to ~RexRanarum's Battling Dragons game. 'Tis a game were mythological beasts battle one another. Pretty spiffy. I've made three full fledged beasts for the game already. This one will be a new B-Monster. A younger form should follow.

Ink and color pencil.
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