WWP: Victoire de Bella Picture

OC for the ~WormWoodProject.

Name: Victoire de Bella
Nicknames: Vi
Age: 17 when transferred
Year: 12th; Senior
Species: Chimera
Defining Features: 5'5". Horned serpent tail; ram's horn (right); head fin (left). Always wears prisoner bracelets (can't take them off, actually).
Style: Short skirts, dresses, shorts, with long over-the-knee socks. Boots or high tops. Likes a furry neckline (or some form of fur someplace). Likes the colors orange and purple.
Hobbies/Interests: People watching; journal writing; shooting guns.

Backstory: She was born a normal human being. The young daughter to a luxuriously gifted family, and the younger sister to her brilliant older brother, Ein. Ein was a scientist, and a damn good one for his young age. Victoire admired him so, and would often sneak into her big brother's study and watch him with his experiments.
One evening, Ein decided to let Victoire help her with an experiment. "Now you just sit still, Vi." The last moments Victoire remembers is a sharp pain coursing throughout her body, and her sight slowly failing... The screams from her big brother, and two blurs coming into the room. And then, darkness.
In a panic, Ein desperately wanted to bring his little sister back. So, without many options, he constructed his dead sister a new body, made with parts and pieces of various things. He hit the switch, and hoped for the best for his little sister. Nothing. Over, and over, he tried so many things to bring her back, but nothing worked. Until...
The next morning, a young lady lay on the floor of a burned down mansion. As her vision came back to her, she searched the area, and saw an almost human - only almost because it wasn't a whole. It was Ein, with the faintest smile on his face. He called out to the young girl - "Victoire..."
"... Is that my name?"
A shaking hand was placed on her cheek, rubbing and sliding across this familiar yet new being. With his final breath came his last hope for his sister - "Live..."
A year or so passed, yet Victoire had little recollection of the incident. She was brought to a special unit of foster care, for the supernatural. There she honed her new abilities of agility, and stealth, and transformation into her beast chimera form. In her beast form she became uncontrollable, and was chained down often. On her 17th birthday she was then given the chance to go to school, and she took it and went to WormWood. She had nothing to lose.

Personality: Shy, and somewhat scared of others. Because of her unwillingness to step out of her tiny bubble and the natural beauty gifted to her, others usually see her as being snobby, and conceited, and completely full of herself. Nonetheless, Victoire enjoys admiring people from afar - an old habit of hers, it seems to feel sometimes. All she really wants is to be accepted, and for the people she cares about to not run away from her thoughts and opinions. She walks alone, eats alone, and is alone most of the time, for it's hard for her trying to not scare people away.

About the Myth: Chimeras: In Greek mythology, the Chimera was a monstrous creature of Lycia in Asia Minor, composed of the parts of multiple animals. The Chimera was one of the offspring of Typhon and Echidna and a sibling of such monsters as Cerberus and the Lernaean Hydra.
This is my rendition of a chimera, which usually is a lion with a deer head on its back, and a serpent tail. However, since Victoire is more so an alchemy created thing (lol FMA reference), she is composed of: lion, ram, fish, bird, serpent, and human.

art & character © ~anotherMelissa; MADimaranan 2008
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