Kerentimon Evoline Picture

Awww shucks, I'll just put all the lions up today.

It's Kerentimon! One of the lion triplets, the Data-attribute lion. She's the sister of Iposmon and Lavimon.
Kerentimon's evoline has gone through some redesigns, mainly I made their blades into well, actual blades! Instead of weird skin-covered things. Otherwise not all too many changes, expect for the Ultimate. Some people might remember her old centaur-shaped Ultimate, but I ruled that to be boring and instead opted for another kind of chimera! I mean, why wouldn't I want a digimon with a giant head on her chest? 8D Also all in all I cut back on the armor, I wanted Kerentimon to look in a way more organic and wild/feral, compared to her brothers!
Kerentimon is one of the only (if not THE ONLY) digimon line I've made based on a suggestion. She's based (namely) on the Nemean lion, the Adult stage is based on the yali, the Perfect on the manticore, and the Ultimate on the Chimera. Cool mythical lion beasts all around!
One change was that I changed her Perfect and Ultimate's names, if anyone is confused by that. These names make more sense.

Kinwemon – Kleiwemon - Kerentimon - Zeismon - Axwarmon - Lyciamon

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This digimon is equipped with the X-Antibody!


Name Origin: German. Kind = child, löwe = lion.
Level: Baby I.
Type: Slime.
Lion Horn – headbutts the foe.
Personality: Active little thing, she’s always playing vigorously, eating, or taking a nap.
Trivia: Small digimon with a fluffy tail it uses to keep itself warm at night. It defends itself with the horn on its forehead.

Name Origin: German. Klein = small, löwe = lion.
Level: Baby II.
Type: Lesser.
Lion Punch – strikes the foe with her front paws.
Personality: She's really playful and likes to play rough like kittens, but doesn't realise her own strength, sometimes causing trouble.
Trivia: Young digimon with surprisingly good
maneuverability for its level of evolution. This digimon has been observed to evolve into three different paths of different attributes, so it’s considered to be a digimon that’s easy to influence.

Name Origin: Turkish. Kerenti = scythe.
Level: Child.
Attribute: Data.
Type: Beast.
Family: Nature Spirits.
- Lion Scythe - attacks the foe physically with the blades on her arms and tail.
- Plasma Scythe - slashes the air, sending turquoise energy blades at her foe.
Personality: Sociable and kind, Kerentimon enjoys spending time with others and peacefully hanging around. She’s a pretty nice person to be around most of the time, but she has a bad habit of avoiding serious issues, and sometimes results to lying to avoid facing any issues. She also has some troubles with empathy sometimes, and might seem selfish because of this. She likes fighting, but often avoids it because she’s not always fully aware of her super physical strength and doesn’t want to end up hurting others by accident.
Trivia: A lion-like Beast digimon equipped with the X-Antibody. Its X-Antibody manifests by giving it ridiculous physical strength, and it can easily lift a Greymon in the air. It is covered in sharp scythes it uses to defend itself.

Name Origin: Dutch. Zeis = scythe.
Level: Adult.
Attribute: Data.
Type: Mythical Beast.
Family: Nature Spirits.
- Berserk Howl - charges at the opponent, attacking with her front paws and tusks.
- Serpent Firestorm - shoots a stream of turquoise fire from her mouth.
- Ganges Venom - spits venom from her mouth, which may paralyze the foe for a while.
Personality: The same as Kerentimon, really. She seems to realise her own strength a bit better, but not all the time.
Trivia: X-Antibodied digimon that resembles a folklore creature called yali, it is remarkably strong physically. It uses the scythes around its body and its tusks to defend itself, as well as the fire and venom it spits from its mouth. Though it's only Adult-level, it shouldn't be taken lightly.

Name Origin: “Martyaxwar” is early middle Persian for “man-eater” (‘martya’ meaning man and ‘xwar’ eater). This is the early middle Persian name for the mythological creature known in English as the manticore.
Level: Perfect.
Attribute: Data.
Type: Mythical Beast.
Family: Nature Spirits.
- Manticore Blade – attacks the foe physically with the blades on her forearms and tail.
- Dragon Fire Claw – lights up turquoise flames on her palms and attacks the foe with her claws, harming them with both the claws and the fire.
- Deadly Backstab – locks the foe in a bear hug and stabs their vital areas with the blades on her flexible tail. Massive damage, but requires close range and the foe to be grappled.
Personality: The same as Kerentimon, though she seems to be more aware of her own strength and thrives to only use it to solve conflict, not cause them.
Trivia: X-Antibodied Mythical Beast digimon, it’s equipped with sharp scythes all over its body as well as massive physical strength, even for a Perfect level digimon. Even if it’s called “Man-Eater”, there are no actual records of it eating any humans… But nobody knows what’s behind its mask.

Name Origin: Lycia was an ancient geopolitical region in Anatolia, where the Greek mythological creature, the chimera, was said to live in.
Level: Ultimate.
Attribute: Data.
Type: Composite.
Family: Nature Spirits.
- Chimaera Blade
α and Ω – attacks the foe viciously with the Chimaera Scythes.
- Yanartaş Fire– shoots a stream of turquoise fire from her mouth at the foe.
- Nemean Shield – erupts turquoise fire from the goat heads on her shoulders, covering herself in an aura of fire, and attacks the foe with a vicious combo of biting, scratching and kicking.
- Venom of Gorgon – bites the foe with the snake head, injecting them with nasty venom that paralyzes the foe for a short while and might cause hallucinations.
Personality: Basically the same as Kerentimon, though like Axwarmon, she is quite aware of her strength. She’s decided to stop running from problems and try to solve them instead and help others with her strength.
Trivia: Composite digimon taking on the form of the mythological chimera. It’s equipped with bending scythe-like blades of Chrome Digizoid growing from its forearms, called Chimaera Scythes. Even by Ultimate-level standards, it is a strong digimon excelling in amazing physical prowess. The goat and snake heads on its armor appear to be sentient, but they never speak.

Digimon (c) Bandai/TOEI.
Kerentimon and her forms are mine.

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