Chimera Picture

Protagonist of my recently discovered story, "Untold Myth" where you can find various mythological creatures turned into cute girls XD

Meet Belle, a Chimera living in the southern part of the world, inside the isolated mountainous region of Lycia.

Being a Chimera, her ability is to manipulate fire. Ironically her name originate from Bellerophon, the person who slay Chimera. Another Bellerophon related stuff, Belle can create a spear from fire as her weapon.

Personality side, she's pretty much full of curiosity, since she's been isolated and she's only 68 years old (very young XD).


And I guess that's all for now, I don't know what should I write =_=

I also trying to experiment a new art style with this artwork ^ ^
I'll submit more characters later~
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