2014: The Beast of Lycia Picture

The beast prowls between shattered columns, a misshapen shadow with eyes of flame and burning breath. The grass withers beneath its claws. The parched soil shudders with each lumbering footfall. It lets loose a mighty bellow, fit to deafen any who dare to face it, and coils back on its haunches, ready to pounce.
The Chimera

This is one of two images I whipped up to sell as prints at the Christchurch Armageddon Expo this weekend. I have to say, these bestiary style illustrations are pretty fun to do! Maybe this can be an ongoing thing?
This, of course, is the Chimera, famous fire-breathing monster from Greek mythology. I decided to omit the three heads in favour of a chimera that looks like it could almost be a real creature, even if it is an... unfortunate hybrid. The back legs don't have as much as a reptilian sprawl as I wanted - it was supposed to have sloping hips and look heavy and ungainly on its feet. It's also a bit too sleek compared to the image in my head, and I didn't have a reference picture of a crocodile so I kind of threw something weird together for the scales on its rear. All in all, though, I think it came out fairly well.
here's the chimera's battle theme from Dragon's Dogma. Why? Because it's AWESOME.

Media: tea or coffee (can't remember which,) watercolour, pencil, water-soluble graphite, white conte, plus digital colour tweaking and aging

Art © Aesra
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