Cryo-Wolf: New and Improved Picture

As you all know, Cryo-Wolf is my pride and joy. For a long time, I've been trying to find a way to reinvent his story. I wasn't feeling the son of Poseidon vibe lately, since Poseidon was no longer my favorite god. I just liked the power. And I originally made him with ice powers, first and foremost. I didn't want him tied down to just one god. And so, Cryo's new backstory and design came forth:

Scott Wolfman is a normal teenager. But then again, he also isn't your average one. At times he feels normal, but other times, he feels different. Yeah, he loves Track and Field, but at the same time, he freaks out when the newest issue of Thor is in. He doesn't really think he's anything. the only think truly freaky about him is the weird mark at the base of his neck: an L with three diagonal lines over it. Ever since he was little, the other kids made fun of him for it, calling him 'loser'. He has no clue what it means, and his parents won't tell him anything.

Until he begins to freeze every bit of water he touches. Scott's a comic nerd. He knows how superpowers work. Within a short time, he's forming ice out of thin air and telling the water in the shower where to go. That's when his mom steps in. She comes clean about everything, and it's more than Scott can bear.

She is a Nephele, a cloud nymph straight out of the Greek Myths. He inherited her abilities, but it's not all he got. The L on his back is the Mark of Lycaon. Scott is descended on his father's side from King Lycaon of Arcadia. Long ago, in Ancient Greece, Lycaon invited the gods to supper. He tried to trick them, feeding them human meat rather than animal. the gods were outraged, and Zeus cast a curse upon him, turning him into the first werewolf. Whomsoever he bit turned into a werewolf as well, but it would be different for his children. The curse affected his entire lineage. Whoever is descended from Lycaon, and bears his mark, will, like Lycaon, become a werewolf, but not a normal one. Lycaon was never bitten. Neither can his descendants. In some abnormal way, they obtain the curse. Only those who are destined for greatness, be it good or bad, will inherit the curse, a way of reminding Lycaon of how high he fell from.

Scott is next in line. His dad is oblivious to their blood, since he never had the mark, and Scott's mom uses her magic to trick him, so he never sees the mark. Still, Scott's mom says she'll help him however she can, and trains his powers as a half-nephele.

Soon, though, the curse strikes. through a series of crazy random happenstances, he is stuck in S.H.A.R.P., a military machine designed to create super soldiers. Scott is the first test subject to survive, emerging with his DNA fused with that of a wolf's.

Once he gets a grip on his wolf powers, several ripped clothes and dog toys later, he designs a mock costume for himself and sets out to moonlight as a superhero, attracting the attention of the gods.

So, what I want Cryo to be is just another character from Greek Mythology, but in the modern day. He'll interact with different gods, fight some, go on quests for others. He finds a world that he never knew existed and then immerses himself in it.

I changed his tattoos around, making them more lupine rather than trident-like. Not every descendant has the tattoos either, that's a result of the magic from his mother's side. As for powers, he can control any form of precipitation, and as a result, whenever he does, the air around him turns cold. That's where he gets the name Cryo-Wolf from. He was already a nerd, so he knows how to use his powers to create small bursts of wind too. Only when he's desperate or overly emotional, he can spark a jolt or two of lightning as well, but he can't control it. As for the wolf powers, everything physical is heightened: senses, strength, speed, the whole enchilada. He has the wolf form and claws, but they aren't natural. He's, in essence, "a man-made werewolf". Because of that, he can send out a concussive blast of sound from his mouth, which he dubs a "Super-Howl". Though he has the abilities of a super wolf, it also affects his personality. He acts like a puppy, being a teenager and all. He loves shiny things with bright colors, loves dog treats, and has a newfound craving for rare meat. He becomes more like a wolf cub than a teenager.

His weaknesses are simple. Yeah, he has longevity, which is alot like reverse dog years, he still is susceptible to wounds. No wolverine healing factor here. Also, silver. Silver, when it comes into contact with his skin, messes with his new genetic makeup. If he touches silver in wolf form, where the silver touched will revert back to human form until the shock goes away. He describes it as the pins-and-needles feeling when your foot goes to sleep, but wherever the silver touches. Also, he doesn't create the water or ice. He draws the water vapour from the air, so if there isn't any, he can't control it.

I don't like the costume so much, I'm working on a new one. I want him to have a mask really badly. But, here's the new and improved Cryo-Wolf!
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