Lycaon: choose strife specibus Picture

lmao there's just too much funny in this picture.

Lycaon collects trophies, and the trophies on the wall are the horns of a few trolls he's managed to fight to the death.

That's his lusus, of course. I decided to give her the name Lupa because I felt like it. And actually, I based her design after another wolflike beast in Norse mythology called Garmr, it's a 4-eyed wolf with blood on its chest that guards Hel. Of course, no blood here, but yeah, 4-eyed wolf guardian of Hel that will fight against the Norse gods during Ragnarok.

Lycaon built himself a castle that would probably be right at home in a cheesy horror flick, with lots of gothic architecture and cobwebs everywhere. Gargoyles too.

And yes. He is staring down at a fork. And she thinks he's being an idiot.

Edit: Decided to animate it just because.

Editx2 combo: Wow that was kind of a shitty drawing so I made it better. I like the hair better this way.
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