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Once a few millennia ago, during the height of Greek culture and civilization, there was a man known as Lycaon, king of the city of Arcadia. He and his fifty sons were wicked, carefree men who did whatever they wished, no matter what. This annoyed Zeus, who only spared them because they were devoted worshippers of him. One day, Zeus decided to pay Lycaon a visit. Being faithful servants of Zeus, Lycaon and his sons met to decide on the extent of the feast they would prepare for the god. Lycaon, though a consistent worshipper of Zeus, had his doubts about the god’s power, and wanted to test him to see if Zeus was truly a god. He proposed slaughtering a human and cooking the victim as a meal for Zeus. All of his sons accepted the idea except Lycaon’s youngest, Nyctimus. Because of Nyctiumus’ opposition, his father and brothers chose him to be the victim. They butchered and cooked him, and then offered the meal to Zeus at the feast.

Zeus knew immediately what they had done. His patience with Lycaon and his fifty sons was over. Zeus killed the sons with a thunderbolt, sparing only Lycaon, who attempted to flee. As further punishment, Zeus cursed Lycaon to forever wander the earth, marked by his wrath and unable to die. So it was that Zeus’ curse transformed Lycaon into the first werewolf in history.

Lycaon spent the next few thousand years wandering the earth, a living legend that hunted and devoured fellow humans. By doing so his curse spread into mankind, spawning other werewolves. Mutations developed, weakening the successive generations and giving them weaknesses such as silver. The curse became so weak in some modern werewolves that the cursed men would only transform during the full moon. But throughout all of this Lycaon remained, a mindless unkillable beast with the faintest remembrance of what had occurred in Arcadia.

That is, until Hera found him. Using her magic she was able to restore Lycaon’s mind and give him power to shift between a mortal and werewolf guise. She took his desire for revenge on Zeus, and directed it toward another target, one with a close relation to Zeus: Thunder Woman. Since then Lycaon has become a frequent adversary of Samantha’s, both scheming alone and as part of plots by Hera. The most notable of these was when Hera gathered together many of Thunder Woman’s enemies and formed a team to take her down, a group that included Lycaon, as well as Thunder Slayer, the Neo-Hydra, and the children of Ares (sans Enyo).

But this really is just a step for Lycaon, one part of an extensive plan he is developing for the true target of his revenge: Zeus. And with the assistance of Hera and the new world he lives in full of gods and ancient powers, he might very well be capable of pulling it off.

Lycaon is a werewolf, the first one. As a result, he has all of the abilities and strengths of a werewolf, multiplied by several orders of magnitude, plus powers unique to him and none of the weaknesses associated with the werewolves descended from him.

Among these powers, Lycaon has superhuman strength approaching Thunder Woman’s, superhuman toughness, a measure of superspeed, and superhuman agility and acrobatics ability; he is capable of leaping great distances and running faster than highway traffic. In addition, he has a regenerative healing factor that allows him to recover from most wounds; under a full moon, he can heal any wound, but even during the day, seemingly fatal injuries will not kill him, just inconvenience him.

Lycaon has enhanced senses, including acutely sharp hearing, nightvision, and a powerful sense of smell. Once he has your scent, he will remember it forever and instantly know who it belongs to, even if he has never actually met the person before. He can also transform from werewolf to human form at will thanks to Hera; though his human form lacks the powers of his alter-ego, he is as unkillable as a human as he is as a werewolf.

Besides his speed and strength, Lycaon has a number of offensive abilities. He is armed with sharp claws and razor teeth that can slash through and penetrate even Thunder Woman’s skin. Those bitten by Lycaon will become werewolves over time, weaker than him but still considerably stronger and tougher than the average, more populous but diluted line of werewolves common nowadays. Lycaon can also project his howl as a deafening blast of sound and wall of air capable to shattering large areas.

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